If a personal word of prophecy spoken over you fails, it’s YOUR fault!

In an article published 11 August at the ‘Jennifer LeClaire Ministries’ website titled “Why Some Would-Be Life-Changing Prophetic Words Don’t Come to Pass” (also published in Charisma Magazine and via the Chrisma podcast), Jennifer LeClaire has this to say to us concerning the ‘prophetic word(s)’ over our lives:

At the end of the day, it really does boil down to this: There is a war over the prophetic word over your life. Sometimes that war comes from the wicked one. Sometimes that war comes from our own carnal nature that wars against the Spirit (Gal. 5:17). Either way—and whether in Scripture or via prophecy judged accurate—we must fight the good fight of faith so we can walk in the fullness of God’s promises.”

I see a couple of problems with the above declaration. First of all it assumes that extra biblical ‘prophetic words’ over our lives are part of ‘the fullness of God’s promises’. Of course, as Jennifer tells us concerning these prophetic words, “you need a certain maturity to walk out the word by faith”. In other words, your spiritual immaturity could cause these ‘prophetic words’ to fail. Neither of these two points is taught in Scripture, but must be read into the text.

What is her scriptural support for this? What is the Biblical text into which Ms. LeClaire tries to fit her assertions? The parable of the sower, the seed, and the different types of ground upon which the seed falls (Matthew 13:3-23)! Jennifer tells us (prophetically?) that “In the Parable of the Sower, Jesus explains some spiritual truth about the Word of God. But it can also apply to prophecies that come straight from His heart.” (emphasis mine). In other words, the ‘prophetic words’ that others can speak over us, that we can speak over ourselves, or that we can receive in dreams (more about that in a bit), are straight from Jesus’ heart. So how do we know that a ‘prophetic word’ is from Jesus’ heart or an imperfect and still sinful human heart? I have no idea and Jennifer doesn’t explain that one.

Then we have the ‘spiritual warfare’ that takes place in the spiritual realm and/or in our own flesh that can thwart that the parable describes (because Jennifer says so, of course):

“When anyone hears the word of the kingdom and does not understand it, the evil one comes and snatches away what was sown in his heart. This is the one who received seed beside the path” (Matt. 13:19-20). It’s important you understand exactly what God is saying prophetically. Many people miss it on the interpretation or application, especially in the dream realm. Of course, some prophecies are hard to misinterpret, especially ones about having babies or operating in some spiritual gift.”

Jennifer’s concluding advice is this:

“Continue to declare the prophetic word over your life. Remember, the enemy doesn’t really care about you. He hates you, yes, but ultimately he just doesn’t want the prophetic word to come to pass because, when it does, God’s will comes to the Earth.

If you are in a season of waiting and warring, hold on. Keep in mind it was at least 15 years between David’s prophetic anointing and David’s kingship. And it was about 13 years in between Joseph’s dream and his promotion to Egypt’s prime minister.

Chances are, it won’t take that long for you to see the first fruits of life-changing prophetic words spoken over your life. But even if it does, don’t give in to the enemy’s strategies. Ultimately, this is the Lord’s battle. Declare the prophetic word over your life and keep fighting the good fight of faith.”

Really? What the bible tells us about the possibility of genuine prophecies failing seems to disagree with Jennifer:

“If what a prophet proclaims in the name of the Lord does not take place or come true, that is a message the Lord has not spoken. That prophet has spoken presumptuously. Do not be afraid of him” (Deut. 18:22).

Not surprisingly, Jennifer never touches that passage, nor can she without suffering a huge loss of credibility, at least with the Biblically literate among us.

Furthermore, the penalty for prophesying falsely, in the name of the one true God or any other false god, was death (Deut 18:20). Period. End of story.

Ms. Leclaire, as well as other false prophets among us would have far fewer followers, not to mention ‘students’ at their “Schools for Prophets” (they’re out there) if God’s true word concerning claiming to speak directly for Him were read and heeded. While we don’t actually see false prophets being executed at the hand of man, or God for that matter, they will all face judgment. Perhaps if one were to drop dead, perhaps at a ‘prophecy open mic night’ (they are out there too), some of their mouths would quickly become silent as they repented and begged God for mercy. That is not the case however.

What can we do to stem the advancing tide of false prophets claiming to speak directly from God’s lips to our ears? If the spiritual tsunami of apostasy lead by false teachers and lying prophets is part of the end times great delusion, maybe nothing. It could get worse and worse. We can however, stand up for truth and the sufficiency of scripture for all things in our lives. We can expose the lies and falsehoods out of a love for God’s revealed word, a burden for lost souls, and the spiritual welfare of believers we know who have bought into the lie.


The Jennifer LeClaire Ministries article can be read here. The same article is in Charisma Magazine here. I mention Charisma Magazine because Ms. LeClaire is a Senior Editor at CM, which is the ‘flagship’ publication for Charismatics everywhere. I also have Christian friends who are Charismatic/Pentecostal and for whom I care deeply. I used to be one.

As a final note, Chris Rosebrough over at Pirate Christian Radio Episode addressed the same article/issue in a recent ‘Issues, Etc.’ podcast you can listen to here. It was listening to the podcast that led to more research. It was hard to believe that someone would twist scripture as badly as Ms. Leclair (I’m thinking giant pretzel).

14 responses to “If a personal word of prophecy spoken over you fails, it’s YOUR fault!

  1. As you well know, these false prophets are multiplying faster than bunny rabbits, Dan.

    I wasn’t even trying but I ran into one while checking out a song that someone shared with me this week. The song was great but the website at the end had to be checked out. Turns out God is talking at this site through a guy named Timothy as far as I could tell. How can anyone be fool by this junk?


    • I checked out the main site. I almost had to laugh at some of the videos. There are lots more just like this one. Pieces of actual Bible verses claiming to be NEW prophecies direct from God. Shucks, I was at a home fellowship listening to the group talking about issues in their little group. My contribution was just quoting Jesus stating ‘I will build my church.’ They acted like it was a direct word from God and not just a relevant passage. Perhaps thinking we are getting special prophecies makes us feel special. The ‘personal words’ over people are also a growing phenomena and make us feel REALLY special. But I’ve never heard a negative one over anyone that includes things like repenting from sin. Why DO people fall for it? I can see newly reborn believers falling for some of it, but not mature believers grounded in the Word.

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      • One might hope that this was a very, very bad joke. At the same time, there are things one shouldn’t joke about.

        BUT THIS IS SERIOUS! I will never feel so important that this kind of “personal word” spoken over me makes me special. I don’t use the word heresy often, but I will use it here and I have been using it more frequent lately.

        What makes me special is what Jesus has done for me. A false prophet would only make me….run, I think. I’m glad you checked out such foolishness, Dan. If it wasn’t a sick and time consuming thing to do, I would try to put these types of people in a “top ten” of the worst false prophets.


        • I’ve listened to a lot of ‘prophecies’ purporting to be direct words from God that are nothing more than written word applied as if it’s something new. I’ve quoted scripture in some group in fellowship settings that were erroneously taken as straight from God,s lips at the moment when all I was doing was applying scripture to a situation.

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          • Just last year someone thought that God was speaking through me regarding one of their personal situations. Maybe I said something that God can use but I am no prophet and would never pretend to be speaking for God just like you, Dan.

            How evil is it for someone to quote the Word as if God is speaking through them as if it is something new! These “prophets” usually add ridiculous items like link I’ve shared here. Honestly, I usually try to avoid such babble because it bothers me. There are times these days when I run into this heretical practice without trying. It must be more prevalent now than ever.
            Last night I was looking for some of the latest information coming from Roger Oakland and I found one subtitled “Another Spirit? A Second Pentecost?” In the video, he discusses this same issue:

            I went to watch this because I was curious about the YouTube title: “Roger Oakland- Vatican One World Religion.” I fell asleep watching it but what I did see discussed and showed examples of such Tomfoolery.


            • I watched this video today, Dan. It is about “All things Catholic” and a coming one world religion. There is overlap, of course, but it is not on this exact same topic. Oops. No need to watch this unless you want to see the pope trying to bring us all into his “fold.”


              • An interesting thing about Rome. Although there is a lot of ‘ecumenical’ activity afoot these days, anyone outside of the RCC deemed ‘brethren’ by Rome are still poor ‘separated’ brethren. The anathemas of Trent have never been abrogated.

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              • So true. Still, so many of these guys want to connect to the mother ship. The gathering that will be “remembered for a long time” at Kenneth Copeland’s “church” included a video message from pope Francis. “All is OK. We are all one in Jesus” is the new typical from many. This comes with a huge amount of unChristian baggage as you well know. In reality, the Reformation is being unwound in the name of ecumenicalism. I think Copeland likes the attention and his people are being prepared for a type of one world religion. It is very sad.


    • I don’t have it all figured out and I know that God calls men to ministry using means, including other men. Would I declare as a direct ‘prophecy’ over a young believer that he is called to be a pastor? No. What I could and would do is share my honest observations based on scriptural qualifications for ministry. That’s just me. When God hauled this prodigal home, if an older man had ‘prophesied’ over me that I had a call to become a Chaplain, I very well might have missed out on God’s calling to be a ‘ground pounder’ open believer in the Special Forces community, which was confirmed to me in very interesting ways. Does that makes sense?

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