Which Flavor or Ice Cream Do Atheists Prefer?

clip_image002If morality is relative and based on personal preference, as atheists claim, then their moral judgments of others carry no more weight than if they told you which flavor of ice cream they prefer.

There is an inconsistency here. To claim to know what’s right for everyone requires universal moral absolutes. So every time moral relativists declare how other persons OUGHT to believe or behave they are demonstrating their underlying belief in God (because they are appealing to universals we ALL SHOULD believe in) and their simultaneous suppression of that truth (since they claim there is no God) Their beliefs, therefore, betray the confession of their lips.
In moral relativism there are no universal “shoulds” or “oughts” to abide by. If there were it would no longer be relativism.

As an atheist you can be a morally upright citizen but you could also be a morally debauched rapist or murderer – in both cases you are being consistent with atheism. Good or bad are equally evanescent and equally valid expressions of atheism. But atheists often tell me they will do what is best for human flourishing … but another atheist will do what is harmful to human flourishing. What is the difference? Both are being consistent atheists … in equal measure. There is no better or worse in moral relativism.

Do I have any examples of atheists espousing moral absolutes?

If you read any atheists online a very significant number of them argue against Christianity by explaining to us how immoral and wrong it is for us to believe it. … that God is a “moral monster” etc… That we and others ought to reject it because, they claim, God is morally debased. The irony is, in that making this argument, they deny moral relativism and reveal they really do believe in universals — not just a personal preference, but it is WRONG for OTHERS to believe it too. The irony should not be missed. Such atheists also have affirmations, denials and a missionary force.

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5 responses to “Which Flavor or Ice Cream Do Atheists Prefer?

  1. I have met an atheist on a forum mostly visited by atheists who thinks that because I connect myself to the word “fundamentalist” that there is something wrong with my mind.

    Honestly, it took her awhile to admit this and she told me in as friendly terms as possible. This atheist actually critiqued one of my blog posts and it took me awhile to see her point (unrelated to morals or values) but her advise was good. My Christian wife agreed with her.

    Some may see my acceptance of her thoughts strange, but I was not upset in the least about her opinion, only her position. I would think a committed atheist might think me strange or even deluded. Admittedly, I’ve seen Christians hammered on that site and for good reason in one case. He would not admit that he made a mistake. Some atheists were very hard on him but another was willing to forgive. I find the sarcastic tone over the top in the case of most atheist commenters on the site, however.

    I have four atheist Facebook friends who are very aware of my views. I asked the question on the discussion site one day: “Has anyone ever changed their belief system in a major way as a result of this discussion site?” This was not my exact question but it was something like that.

    Everyone who commented said they had never experienced anyone changing their mind there. No atheist had become a believer and no believer had become an atheist. I haven’t spend a great deal of time there since as I have more important things to do that might possibly have a bit of impact.

    Very good assessment here, Dan. In the end, the atheist’s moral absolutes are self defining, I think. Yes, there may be influences but they pick and choose those influences which may be seen in the world as good or bad. I know that the verse in Romans 1 is true and I don’t understand how some atheists seem so certain that they are right. I guess that is something they have to work out with God in the end. I do pray that they work it out sooner and they know I feel that way (As a concerned Christian should, I think).

    Atheism seems to be on the rise by the last statistics I saw. Maybe they are outdated stats. In any case, I see a hardening of many hearts in our nation and in much of Europe. It is a sign that our Savior is closer to coming than ever before but I guess each day that passes does that.

    Keep up the good work, Dan. One never knows when someone might stumble on their blog and some part of the truth might make them consider eternal things.


    • You asked a good question about minds actually changing. When we come to a discussion with our minds already made up and rusted shut (STM syndrome-steel trap mind) that doesn’t happen much. If we’re discussing spiritual matters it takes a supernatural pair of the ‘jaws of life’ to get things going. So,we pray for God to open minds and realize we can be wrong about some things too. Grwat observations!

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      • “It takes a supernatural pair of the ‘jaws of life’ to get things going. So,we pray for God to open minds and realize we can be wrong about some things too.”

        Well put and Amen my brother! 🙂


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