The ‘Azusa Now’ Conference and Prophetic Extravaganza

Hat Tip in advance to Chris Rosebrough of ‘Fighting for the Faith’, whose podcast audio so enthralled me that I had to listen to the Azusa report three times and take notes!

I knew about the Azusa Now event from having read about it already, but I don’t remember where I found the article. It all went down this last Saturday, 9 April. Fighting for the Faith reported on it and I regularly listen to F4F podcasts.

The podcast began by providing a quote from Jeff Jansen of Global Fire Ministries who had a fantastic experience while driving to the Los Angeles conference site. Says Jansen:

“As we were driving on Interstate 5 to the Azusa Now event on April 9, I saw a large, gold angel standing over LA,” Jansen says. “The Lord said, ‘Just as the 1849 gold rush drew people to California … So 4/9 2016 will mark a new gold rush of divine proportion that will once again draw the nations into revival.” (Charisma News)

The F4F podcast focused on several personalities from various ministries and the pronouncements / revelations / prophesies they delivered to the ecstatic crowd.

First there was Heidi Baker (Iris Global Ministries), who has revelations and visions on a fairly regular basis. She was introduced by Bill Johnson of Bethel Church (home of ‘dead raising teams’ who will train your church). Ms. Baker’s revelation was that God was healing “digestinal” problems/diseases of all sorts (small and large intestines), as well as lots of allergies. Having heard ‘John 6’ in her spirit continually she told the crowd that “some of you feel like you are starving” and can’t eat regular food. The Lord told her that he was going to heal them as they ‘ate Jesus’.

She then prayed that the inflicted ones would rid themselves of the “poison, fluff, and puff”. God was also healing all sorts of addictions from alcoholism to drug addiction, to addiction to medicines (prescription and non-prescription.

She also said there was someone being healed from a twisted knee and a skateboarder being healed of a broken wrist. Those last pronouncements were accompanied by a sudden ‘shakaraba’ utterance while she was prophesying. Such utterances are common with her, actually. She’s a regular on Fighting for the Faith.

Next we had Kris Vallotton (Bethel Church) who began by saying God was breaking the power of suicide that was caused by a ’spirit of insanity’ that put suicidal thoughts into people’s minds. He specifically mentioned a 17 year old named Thompson. God would break the spirit of suicide from him, as well as all from the God TV watchers similarly suffering. He ‘came against’ the evil spirit of suicide afflicting them and an entire generation! In the name of Jesus he released ‘life, visions, dreams, and promises of peace’. He ‘broke the bad visions’ some were having that were caused by the ‘spirit of foreboding’.

Then we were treated to Shawn Bolz from Morningstar Ministries. Morningstar Ministries is led by Rick Joyner, who was instrumental in the ‘restoration’ of Todd Bently (Lakeland Revival) after Todd’s adulterous affair with his nanny, divorce from his wife and marriage to the nanny. Joyner was also one of the NAR prophets who anointed Todd as an ‘Apostle’ at Lakeland.

Back to Shawn……

Shawn appeared on stage to dispense ‘words of knowledge’ and prophesy over some of the thousands in attendance. He even called out people by name and revealed specific things about them and their families! I think he must have received the ‘words of knowledge’ in advance and recorded them on his smart phone because he read from it for the whole 15 minutes he ‘prophesied’. Never mind that thousands of people had registered online and given names and that Facebook can tell us all sorts of things. I actually found the video showing him reading from his smart phone as he was prophesying. I had a hard time believing the F4F account!

Cindy Jacobs, prophetess and founder of Generals International, treated the crowd with a genuine ‘thus sayeth the Lord’ moment by saying “This is that which the prophets foretold!”, referring to the Asuza Now event as a direct fulfillment of OT prophesy.

Todd White, renowned street healer (specializes in lengthening short legs) then prophesied that there is coming a time of great revival where every believer is going to have a ‘prophetic anointing, and perform great signs and miracles wherever we go, even drug stores and other places we go shooing. He kept shouting “Do you want this?” over and over again, along with “The time is now!!!!!” reminiscent of a High School pep rally.

Lou Engle, leader of The Call spoke during the ‘tithes and offerings’ interlude, talking about a new movement called SAFA (Spiritual Air Force Academy) that was birthed at the Colorado Springs Air Force Academy where a group of cadets were very much into fasting and intercessory prayer. An exciting video clip accompanied the short presentation. The SAFA is mostly young people specializing in fasting and prayer who will be removing demons from the heavens and from the darkest places on the Earth. Divine encounters would abound. It was an invitation to ‘sow’ into the SAFA movement.


So there you have it………..It was all too fantastic to keep to myself!

Sarcasm aside, I have to say that all of the above are part of the Charismatic/Pentecostal movement and all regularly receive great press from ‘Charisma Magazine’, and thousands of professing Christians buy into it all.

4 responses to “The ‘Azusa Now’ Conference and Prophetic Extravaganza

  1. Here are links to other recent articles concerning Azuza Now and one that discusses the roots of Pentecostalism and 2d Century Montanism.:

    Azusa Now What? Prophetic Perspectives on the Imminent Move of God – Charisma News

    Lou Engle of The Call Kneels, Kisses Foot of Catholic Leader as Act of ‘Reconciliation’ – Christian News

    Azusa Now 2016: Over 115,000 Register for LA’s All-Denominational Worship Service (Interview)

    The Nation-Shaking Prophetic Download I Got at Azusa Now – Jennifer LeClaire

    Pentecostalism is the Revival of Neo-Montanism


  2. I must share an interesting story with you, Dan.

    I have been having a “back and forth” with a supporter of the Child Protective Services of Norway on Delight in Truth’s blog.

    This CPS worker is a propagandist being used as a pawn to defend evil actions done by his employer.

    I couldn’t believe it when he posted a video of the Azusa Now “show.” Evidently, he likes this type of “worship” and heretical teaching.

    I recognized Bill Johnson immediately and let Delight’s readers know who this guy was, a false teacher of the worst kind. The way the video was set up made it impossible to fast forward. I had to wait through a gross amount of “worship” music to finally see Johnson in action. I think I went off and did the dishes while waiting.

    The “healing time” or whatever they call it was _________________. You fill in the blank and please don’t use foul language which I know you wouldn’t anyway.

    I’m afraid we are going to see more and more of this. The worship part that I did watch involved quite a large number of young people. They looked like they were on hallucinogens. It’s all about feelings, man. Feelings over truth.

    God is long-suffering.

    God’s blessings my brother…


    • I ended up watching a lot of it and haven’t yet made it to the end. I was intentionally listening for anything resembling a gospel presentation. John MacArthur has said the way you capture the youth is with the music and I agree. Some of it was good, especially Holy, Holy, Holy in Korean and English. Nevertheless, most was 7/11 (7 words 11 times). Get them stirred up emotionally with the music and you can get any heresy past them.

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