Adventures in missing the point. . .

Chris Rosebrougn’s candidates for ‘Worst Easter Sermon of the Year’ can be listened to and voted on at ‘Fighting For The Faith’. I’ve listened to 7 canditates so far and they are all about us rather than Christ and His resurrection.

4 responses to “Adventures in missing the point. . .

    • Scroll down the site and you will see Programs you can listen to.
      April 8, The Resurrection Perspective contains a ‘runner up’ and Sermon #8, Steven Furtick. You can click the icon to the left of the title on the streaming bar or download the mp3 by clicking ‘Download’ on the right end of the black bar. They all work that way.

      Scroll down further and you will see 7 Apr and #6 $& #7. Scroll down further for the others.

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