What to make of the Francis Chan at IHOP

Last week I read about Francis Chan speaking at the 2013 Onething Conference at IHOP in Kansas City. Knowing the background and heretical roots of IHOP I had the same questions as others – Why did Francis seem to give legitimacy to a movement with roots steeped in heretical doctrine? To be fair, I listened to Francis Chan’s entire presentation. What I learned from listening to the whole enchilada is that the comments made at the beginning needed to be taken in the context of Chan’s entire message. Some of what he said, and some of the scripture concerning false/lying prophets would seem to indict IHOP rather than lend credibility to it, although what Chan had to say specifically about IHOP was that there were great things going on there.

Francis Chan’s real goal in appearing there might not be known for some time, if ever. The contrast between his lead-in comments and the content of some of what he preached prevents me from a judgment call, which would be unwise.

My own personal feelings about IHOP and Mike Bickle come from hearing things that caused me to study IHOP and even listen to hours of Mike Bickle’s teaching. He’s still peddling the same old stuff and playing the role of a Pied Piper – stealing emotion/feelings driven children  (along with adults who, if they read their Bibles should know better), sucking them into a false ‘dominionism’ theology in which ‘Forerunners’ are needed to prepare the world for the 2nd coming of Christ, who will usher in the ‘pure’ church that must be in place for Christ to return.

The parable of the wheat and the tares in Matthew 13 presents a different picture of the ‘end time’ church in which the church on earth will not be purified until Christ returns in judgment to purify it himself.

Of course there are other resources one can use to investigate IHOP that discuss other rotten roots of the movement, some of which are linked to at the ‘Stand Up For The Truth’ link below.

What to make of the Francis Chan/IHOP union | Stand Up for the Truth.

4 responses to “What to make of the Francis Chan at IHOP

  1. I do have my concerns with Francis Chan…I love him for his radical call to give but then I’m concerned with him being so cool sometimes and then this came up with IHOP. I think praising IHOP goes too far, he ought to be careful


    • If he meant his references to false prophets to be a subtle wake-up call (sly fox style) I doubt it would be effective on a large scale. Most of IHOP’s are emotionally driven young people who walk in the door without much (if any) sound theological base grounded in scripture. IHOP leadership would not disagree with the idea of prophets, but they would be loving and kind to a man to Francis Chan, knowing that IHOP is seen as being full of false prophets. They don’t believe they are them. So I pray that false prophets continue to be exposed, but I also pray for the ‘children’ being stolen by the IHOP’s Pied Piper, Mike Bickle.


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