The Dangerous Ramifications of the Continuationist Position

In the final chapter of his book “Strange Fire”, John  Mac Arthur makes an appeal to his continuationist friends, those who believe that the miraculous sign gifts given to the Apostles to authenticate their ministry being from God, in which he presents eight dangerous ramifications of the continuationist position. They were not presented with anything but a deep love for the church and those who hold to a biblical gospel while embracing continuationism.  Below are the major points that Dr. MacArthur makes:

1. The continuationist position gives an illusion of legitimacy to the broader Charismatic Movement.

2.The continuationist position degrades the miraculous nature of the true gifts that God bestowed on the first-century church.

3. The continuationist position severely limits the ability of its advocates to confront others who fall into charismatic confusion.

4. By insisting that God is still giving new revelation to Christians today, the Continuationist movement opens the gates to confusion and error.

5. By insisting that God is still giving new revelation to Christians today, the Continuationist Movement tacitly denies the doctrine of Sola Scriptura.

6. By allowing for a irrational form of tongues-speaking (usually) as a private prayer language), the Continuationist Movement opens the door to the mindless ecstasy of charismatic worship.

7. By asserting that the gift of healing has continued to the present , the continuationist position affirms the same basic premise that undergirds the fraudulent ministries of charismatic faith healers.

8. The continuationist position ultimately dishonors the Holy Spirit by distracting people from His true ministry while enticing them with counterfeits.

All of the above points were carefully and thoroughly discussed in the book itself, as well as in the conference sessions.

If you have not read the book, I encourage you to do so. It is available at, as well as other book retailers. I bought my copy at Barnes and Noble. I read the book after having  listened to the conference sessions. In addition to the thorough treatment of “Strange Fire” in the Charismatic Movement, there is an Appendix called Voices From Church History containing quotations concerning the Apostolic gifts spanning a period of time from 344 A.D. to the twentieth century.

2 responses to “The Dangerous Ramifications of the Continuationist Position

    • Well, I finally finished the book and it just seemed appropriate to post Dr. MacArthur’s very salient points. They are all explained in the final chapter and I agree with every one of them. I’m praying some of his continuationist friends will take notice. Many charismatics won’t, of course. My own temporary journey into a charismatic church was terminated mostly by reading the Bible. Funny how that happens. 🙂


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