God’s Nutritional Codes?

I recently received another unsolicited FA (Facebook Algorithm) generated post that offered to reveal God’s eating plan for us as revealed in 2000-year-old scrolls and just recently discovered by Kristina Wilds. She had all sorts of certificates attesting to her expertise in several areas. Above all, she is a follower of Christ. Apparently, for 20 years she had been wrong about a lot of things, and finally had the bright idea to just ask God. This was done by reading the Bible and taking a lot of notes (she ended up with three wide binders full of them), What kept jumping out at her (her revelation?) were about eating ‘fat’/’fatness’. There are a LOT of them. I now have a 20-page document all about ‘fat’, which includes at least 150 scripture passages, Not all of those are about eating fat, of course, but some of them are used to support the idea that eating the right kind of fat is the key to health, rather than all of the other fads that have sprung up through the years.

I got to watch an hour-long video in which there were occasional Bible verses (not found on the website advertisement at The Disciples Way) used to support her claim that the Holy Spirit personally revealed to her a long lost secret about what God commands us to eat (and not to eat). Some of the really cool benefits for Christians are:

  • You can use the Bible to jumpstart weight loss at any age.
  • The ‘Divine Willpower On Demand Prayer’ you’ll praise God for.
  • God knows how hard it is to lose weight.
  • Biblical cooking hacks.
  • Once you follow God’s path concerning what you eat, you’ll feel more energy and more committed to you community and God.
  • You’ll be more attentive when God speaks to your heart.
  • You’ll feel spiritually awakened and able to hear His calling for you and fully understand his plan for you.
  • God wants more abundance for you; for you to be healthy and happy
  • You will be able to experience his earthly blessings.
  • By eating His healing fats, you won’t experience “diet hunger” ever again.
  • You will discover how to fuel your body the way Jesus would, using foods ‘hidden’ in your grocery store.

Of course, it will cost something. here was he usually pitch saying it normally costs, but you can get it for really small amount.

The ultimate pitch near the end of the video tells us that it’s not about the money for Kristina, but about answering God’s calling on her life and serving others by sharing what the Holy Sprit revealed to her. She wants to impact as many Christian’s loves as possible and bring non-believers to Christ through Biblical Nutrition.

WOW! How could a good Christian NOT sign up!

All we really have here is a scam to get money from naive, biblically illiterate believers, and it makes me angry for at least 2 reasons:

  • That this lady would have the audacity/nerve to intentionally go after the ‘Christian’ dollar. Yes, I said ‘intentionally’. She will be held accountable.
  • ·That there are professing Christians who will fall for it

And BTW, while the web site ad and the video never tell you what these healing fats are, you can Google ‘healing fats’ and get multiple lists in a matter of seconds, and or FREE.

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