Together 2016

Well, the 16 July  ‘celebration’ at the DC mall is over. I went looking for articles and only found their Facebook page where there were 200 or so comments which were saying how,good it was. I posted a comment asking if anyone actually mentioned Christ crucified for our sins or ifmit was just a ‘feel good’ event. I asked if the Pope showed up and if anyone knew that the RCC preached a false gospel that adds works to faith alone for salvation and that Paul taught us to ‘cast out the bond woman. We’ll see what happens.

7 responses to “Together 2016

  1. It is difficult to get information on the event. The big news was that the evening events were cancelled due to the heat. I don’t know if the pope video was shown or not but John Haller was watching the event as it was live-streamed somewhere. I wouldn’t have known what I did if John Haller hadn’t spoken about it in his prophecy update. It sounded like he only watched a few minutes of it and he didn’t say much. He only showed video clips of people leaving early and he guessed that there may have been 60k people there but he really didn’t know.

    I’m sure the event planners are disappointed. I’m not. I hope that no one was injured because of the heat. The heat was the reason given for the event being cut short. Evidently, quite a few people needed emergency services and someone said that hundreds of 911 calls were made.

    There are a few articles up on the internet if you type in “Together 2016.” I am surprised the official websites have no information at all about the event that I can see. Josh McDowell was supposed to speak before the event shut down I think.

    Here is one quote from CP CHURCH & MINISTRY:

    “Together 2016 was held from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., and even though organizers were disappointed that the event was forced to shut down well before 9 p.m. by the National Park Service due to soaring temperatures, they told the assembled media they knew God’s purpose had been fulfilled as the work of evangelism is being passed on to the next generation of Christian leaders.”

    I hope we eventually get more information but I wouldn’t be surprised if very little is shared in the media. I would like to know if the pope made his “appearance.” Other than that, the event was what it was, a strange mix of people who came together for some spiritual purpose that I don’t understand.


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