Question about a one world religion.

Assuming such a religion is on the horizon, what could possibly bring them all together? I have a thought, but am not talking at the moment. Call this a small research project.

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  1. What could bring them all together? Division and contention which no governmental power, either by fiat or force, can control. One religion would theoretically bring a unifying peace – theoretically, I said. But of course all of us with any common sense know that could never work. But, it will for a short time, then all “hell” will break loose.


  2. I can’t even see this as even being a remote possibility. We all have our ideas of how life is supposed to be, and, as I’m sure we’ve all noticed, we as humans do not like to be told what to believe. We hate being ordered around, and we hate being put in a bubble. For all of us to believe in one thing would mean that someone has dictated those beliefs. Who’s to say that person is right? Are they not just vying for power by controlling the masses through one main religion? That is, after all, a huge accusation for any major religion, Christianity included.


  3. Just because there has not yet emerged a One World Religion does not mean they are not orchestrating world events and opinions toward that global goal…

    (Q: Who exactly are “they” ?)


  4. Be careful not to conflate “religion” with “faith.” It’s hard for me to imagine everyone in the world agreeing on a set of dogmas and rituals — in other words, a religion. But a world where everyone placed their faith in materialism, say, or self-aggrandizement, or even just self-preservation….yeah, I can imagine that.


  5. A one world currency would be a unifying force, indeed. I think we may eventually go cashless. This economic “unity” would create the possibility for a one world religion. My reasoning? If all can be tracked economically, all statements of faith can be tracked. Those who don’t go along with the status quo will be eliminated or eventually die from things like malnutrition.

    I hope those with the pre-trib view are correct. If true, some Christians may not have to face the one world government which I believe is coming. I believe the Antichrist will claim himself to be God and that many won’t buy it. As Jesus said there will be a great tribulation such as the world has not seen.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the Great Tribulation started in my lifetime, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it didn’t. After reviewing most of the end times scenarios, I can’t hold a dogmatic position. I do know that God is in control and that he will allow (not necessarily condone) things to line up so that Biblical prophecies will be perfectly fulfilled.

    God’s blessings…


  6. Dan’s thoughts, which are just thoughts:

    It probably would not be known by the name of a current religion, i.e., Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, etc.

    There would need to be a unifying spiritual/philosophical element that cuts across separate religions and would serve as a ‘unifying’ characteristic.

    Orthodox Christianity will have largely given way to a form of Christianity that embraces forms of ‘mysticism’ in which Biblical meditation upon the person of God and the written word is replaced by entering the ‘silence’ and having extra biblical ‘encounters’ with God/Jesus. The rapid growth of ‘spiritual formation/contemplative prayer’ is evidence that this is already in full swing.

    This new ‘Christianity’ will need to accept the idea of being able to approach and be acceptable to God in ways that do not include Jesus Christ in the salvation equation. Either that, or Jesus Christ is still in the equation but not overtly.

    Is any of the above already in motion? Yes, but I won’t get into the details. There are other common elements between false religions and ‘ Christianity’, but not the Christianity that came from the Reformation that challenged the false gospel of Rome.

    I will say that if there is a common element that could unite apostate Christianity and other false religions it would center on ‘mystical experiences’ and an idea of ‘god’ that includes god’s presence IN everything (panentheism).

    There are numerous articles online that talk about religious mysticism. Wikipedia actually has a pretty good article that discusses the subject as it exists across various cultures and named religious systems. You can find it at . While I have done a lot of research lately about all this, I first began to wonder about a common link that could cut across religions when a Protestant Army chaplain began a series of sermons about spiritual formation that has been ongoing since last August and recently began referencing the teachings of two notable Roman Catholic mystics who have become wildly popular in mainstream evangelicalism, deserving more mention in sermons than scripture itself.

    But like I said, Dan’s thoughts are just Dan’s thoughts. Or are they?


    • Dan,

      Excellent point. There is no question in my mind that mysticism is in full swing. When protestant and catholic leaders are saying near the same thing that Oprah is, one can see that the uniting idea that “we are gods” is coming.

      Didn’t someone tempt someone in a garden with that idea?

      God’s blessings…


        • The copy that Keith Thompson put on his You Tube account was of better quality. It’s revealing that he can’t even put this on his own account when he has put up documentaries on Islam and Catholicism. The quality doesn’t matter. It is the content that is interesting. Although I don’t agree with Keith on everything (who does?), I have found him to be very credible and the best in his age group at what he is doing.

          I hope you learn something, Dan.

          God’s blessings…


          • It’s an interesting film. I’ve watched a couple of other Keith Thompson videos and he does good work. Like you I don’t agree with everything. Much of it I have seen before, and a review is good. Other dots are being connected, but I’ll not share my opinions. They are of little import. In all this, one thing never changes and that is to continue to share the true gospel of Jesus Christ. We also need to educate our Christian brethren concerning the core of spiritual formation and contemplative prayer. It has invaded the church on a massive scale.


            • “In all this, one thing never changes and that is to continue to share the true gospel of Jesus Christ. We also need to educate our Christian brethren concerning the core of spiritual formation and contemplative prayer. It has invaded the church on a massive scale. ”

              Amen, brother.


  7. In recent years, you may have noticed that it has become very trendy to say that all religions are just different paths to the same God.  In fact, many prominent religious leaders are now openly proclaiming that the two biggest faiths on the entire planet, Christianity and Islam, worship the exact same deity.


    • Trendy yes, but not new. I remember my time exploring Eastern religions in the early 70’s. It’s also true that many people think that Christians and Muslims serve the same God. I can see the world, but not Biblically literate believers swallowing that.


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