‘God’s Way of Holiness’ – a short review.

First a quote from the beginning of the book, one from somewhere in the middle and one from the end of the book.

“We do not undervalue love because we say a man is not justified by love, but by faith. We do not discourage prayer, because we preach that a man is not justified by prayer, but by faith. When we say that believing is not working, but a ceasing from work, we do not mean that the believing man is not to work, but that he is not to work for pardon, but to take it freely, and that he is to believe before he works, for works done before believing are not pleasing to God.”

“Thus, then, that which cancels the curse provides the purity. The Cross not only pardons, but it purifies. From it there gushes out the double fountain of peace and holiness. It heals, unites, strengthens, quickens, blesses. It is God’s wing under which we are gathered, and “he that dwelleth in the secret place of the most high shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty” (Psa 91: 1).”

“Let us then shine! Stars indeed, not suns; but still stars, not tapers nor meteors. Let us shine! Giving perhaps slender light, but that light certain and pure; enough to say to men “It is night,” lest they mistake, but not enough bring day; enough to guide the seeking or the erring in the true direction, but not enough to illuminate the world. The sun alone can do that. It is the sun that shows us the landscape; stars show but themselves. Let us then show ourselves beyond mistake. The day when all things shall be seen in full warm light is the day of the great sun-rising.”

More about the book:

Another quality eBook from Chapel Library! God’s Way of Holiness looks at sanctification–the process by which the Holy Spirit conforms a believer’s life to the will of God. Horatius Bonar (1808-1889) looks at the new life in the believer, which is the ground of holiness. He looks at Christ’s work for us and the Spirit in us and what that means for our holiness. Then he goes on to topics such as “The Root and Soil of Holiness,” “Strength against Sin,” “The Cross and Its Power,” “The Saint and the Law,” “The Saint and the Seventh Chapter of Romans,” “The True Creed and the True Life,” and, finally, “Counsels and Warnings” related to holiness in the believer’s life. Be challenged and refreshed by this careful look at the doctrine of sanctification!

Start reading it for free: http://amzn.to/1PGTdoz

Not being a professional or amateur book reviewer, I have to let the book speak for itself. I had a recommendation from a friend to read it, then read it, and am passing along the recommendation!

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