Endless Summer

That was a Beach Boys album released in 1974 by Capital Records and a bit of a comeback album for the group, if I remember correctly. But this isn’t about the Beach Boys or comeback albums. It’s really about ‘Endless Debate’. A few posts ago, there was one titled “Can a Christian Lose His or Her Salvation?” that presented passages of scripture that tell us that we MUST persevere in faith and passages that promise that we WILL persevere. A rather lengthy discussion on another blog prompted the post, but it was not intended to be a continuation of the other debate, of which I was a part. A continuation of the other discussion did ensue, and once again I was part of it, against my better judgment. After prolonged debate that was going nowhere in terms of changing anyone’s mind about anything, I deleted the entirety (or most) of the second round. I did so because it appeared to be two believers trying to convince each other of their respective arguments, rather than merely stating their positions. I believe it was the latter, but appearances are deceiving.

Also, I don’t think for a New York second that the possible loss of one’s salvation is the real issue at hand, but that the state of the human will of fallen man is, which is another discussion entirely, and one which might find voice on this little blog. If it does, it will be to present passages and sections of scripture that speak to the issue.

Old guys learn stuff. I have learned that in spiritual matters, God through the Holy Spirit is the only infallible arbiter of whatever debates arise and I need to refrain from trying to ‘convince’ others that the feelings and opinions I hold are in the end irrelevant.

Having said that, the missing debate was at times interesting, because the debaters had each once held the other’s position and over time each had changed his opinion for what was claimed to be exactly the same reason, the personal reading of scripture!. As fascinating as that might be, it’s probably not a phenomena deserving of a federal research grant, and must have been confusing to some who were following the discussion.

In the end, God will sort it all out and there will probably be some embarrassment on both sides of the debate. Until then, we should probably make the main topic of discussion ‘Christ, and him crucified…” as did the Apostle Paul, as well as rejoicing in the knowledge that God saves anyone at all!

Stay blessed!

Since it’s Saturday morning and grocery shopping for a household of 8 is on the agenda (another story) I shall go do that. Maybe I’ll listen to a bit of The Beach Boys on the way!

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