2 responses to “A Few Good Reads

  1. The sad thing about articles like “Why I stopped singing in your church”, is how little impact they have.

    I really don’t think that the pastors and church music people care what Bill Blankschaen thinks. They like the new music and everyone else can just shut up and take it.

    Talk to a pastor under 30. “Really? Sovereign Grace music bothers you?”

    No pastor, it doesn’t “bother me”. It’s irreverent and disrespectful to the spirit of worship. It’s not about getting us into the proper emotional mood.

    Sigh. They don’t get it, nor care to get it.

    And I think Bill Blankschaen made one the strongest argument for pre-1950 hymns I’ve ever heard.

    But watch – nothing will change. Many churches don’t care about people over 40. They really don’t.


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