Open Letter To Those Who Are Offended by “Merry Christmas”

It is with all sincerity of heart and concern for your souls that I tell you this:

Your ‘offendedness’ is not my problem – it’s yours.

I say that because we all can be and are offended by something(s). I know I am. However, I was taught as a wee lad that getting mad/being offended was my choice. sixty years later I still get offended at things and need to be reminded of this little truth. Furthermore, as a Christian, I need to remember exactly what is causing you to be ‘offended’. It’s really not me, it’s the name of Christ, and by extension, being reminded of the God whom you are trying to obliterate from your life and thoughts offends you.

I have bad news for you concerning trying to remove external reminders of God from your life and our culture. It doesn’t work. You see, you know He exists and you are merely trying to suppress the truth that you inherently know. You know God IS, yet you are still living in rebellion against Him. If there comes a time when you are not offended by the mention or thought of God one of two things has probably happened. God has given you over to your own passions or God has opened your heart to hear the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ – that he came to this earth to die for the sins of his people and bring reconciliation and peace.

And while I could be probably be justly offended (by the world’s standards) at your lack of respect for the joy that saying “Merry Christmas” brings to my heart, I choose to not to be offended, for that would be giving into my sinful flesh. Rather, knowing your condition separated from the God who created you, as well as the pain and futility of running from Him, I pray that God would indeed open your heart to hear, and that he would somehow bring the message of the Gospel to that open heart.

So in all sincerity I say to you this morning, 5:00 AM Thursday, 12 December 2013:


One response to “Open Letter To Those Who Are Offended by “Merry Christmas”

  1. I suppose I have much bigger issues with being told by Christians I shouldn’t say ‘Merry Christmas’ because it might offend somebody than the ‘offense’ felt by unbelievers. The believr who wants to remove the offense of the gospel might be ‘gospel ignorant’ at some level.


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