How to Argue Against the Wicked Heresy of Calvinism

Truth Unchanging


1. Misrepresent its teachings so badly that no Calvinist would recognize them.

2. Quote a handful of proof-texts, out of context, that have nothing at all to do with the issues.

3. Never exegete and try to explain biblical texts that actually teach that God is the sovereign Lord over his own universe. Ignore all texts that explain that if sinners ever make proper and God glorifying choices, they do so through divine enabling.

4. State a part of the truth as if it were the whole truth, and then pretend these wretched Calvinists don’t believe in the part you have stated. For example, cite verses that show God invites sinners to choose life and reject death as proof that God has nothing to do with that choice. Then boldly assert that Calvinists don’t believe sinners have a will.

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2 responses to “How to Argue Against the Wicked Heresy of Calvinism

  1. The reverse is true too when Calvinists try to prove another form a heresy. That is necessarily the nature of debate where opposite parties are both cock sure of their corner. I wish we would stop labeling ourselves and so doggedly argue from one corner. I know that Calvinists don’t know everything as they should and neither do anyone else. I know that because Paul said he knew “in part” and we are told that we can only ever know as well as we are known “there”, not here. I would wish everyone would simply study the Bible and draw from there the unadulterated knowledge, without keeping it in a context of some fixed doctrinal set.


    • It has been my observation over the last several years that ‘Calvin bashers’ (mostly Arminians) rule the roost concerning expressions/behavior displaying all sorts of logic fallicies and ‘name calling’, etc. That is not to say that there aren’t others who behave just as badly. The worst offenders on either side of a discussion tend to have Biblical literacy problems and indeed are out to ‘prove’ their point(s). What saddens me the most is the apparent inability of many, if not most ‘Calvin Bashers’ to even try to discuss the issues around Calvinism in their Biblical perspective, which would trace the issue not to points of doctrine that bear the name of a man, but to the issue of the nature of fallen men, particularly the fallen human will. I find that those that seem to hate Calvinism the most adhere to a view of the ‘freedom’ of the will not supported by scripture. Of course we DO have free will and can do whatever we want to do. But does a fallen human creature, in and of himself truly ‘want’ God, and can he do anything to please God in and of himself?

      Having said that, I need to say that I agree with the points made concerning arguing against Calvinism expressed by my friend Randy.


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