5 responses to “The Keith Green Story

    • These days you hear some Sovereign Grace folks mention that really liked Charles Finney, but then there was a time I did also, about the same time period of the late 70’s. I still love his music. He really loved the Lord and it was good to see his story!


  1. I think there are alot of christians out there who love Jesus with all their heart mind and soul. There are influences out there that people don’t realize there is a problem with. People like Charles Finney, and if I may be so bold, Wesley as well. People have been told by others they trust that men like Finney are heros of the faith. What else is a baby christian supposed to do?

    Keith was a baby christian when he died. Only a few years in the faith. I can’t imagine that he understood that Finney was a problem and I’m pretty sure he didn’t sit around all day thinking about Charles Finney. Sometimes, people are taken so that they won’t be overtaken by those influences around them possibly? Sometimes I think Keith was one of those. I’ll just say that without going any further into what became of his ministry after he died but I shudder to think what it might have become if he continued to live, especially with his zeal combined with the influence of those around him. The Last Days Ministries of today is very ecumenical…and charismatic I believe. I also think about Rich Mullens who was in the process of converting to catholicism when he died. He’s another one who I really like.


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