Contributions of Christian Scientists

Many scientists today insist that no true scientist can believe in special creation or in the inspiration of the Bible. They are wrong, however, for there are thousands of living scientists who believe in special, recent creation, who believe in Christ and have accepted Him as personal Savior, and who believe in the inerrancy and full authority of the Bible. Over a thousand such men have belonged to one particular organization, the Creation Research Society, and there are numerous similar organizations around the world.

Furthermore, many—probably most—of the greatest scientists of all times, the founding fathers of science in fact, believed in a personal Creator God, the inspiration of the Bible, special creation, and professed faith in Christ and the gospel. Whether all were truly “born-again,” as we would understand that term in a Bible-believing church today, we cannot know. Some were unorthodox in their specific doctrinal beliefs, but all were creationists.

A tabulation of some of these great scientists of the past, with the disciplines they founded or the particular discoveries or inventions they made, is given below. It is surely extremely wrong for anyone to allege (as many do) that one cannot be a true scientist and still believe in special creation.



So the next time you are told that real scientists (or some such nonsense) don’t believe in God, just present the facts.

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