Socialism, Jesus Christ, and Opinion Polls

Recent polling by Hillsdale College suggests that nearly half of younger Americans would prefer living in a socialist country. One Analysis attributes that to “celebrity politicians”. Others might assume that a preference for socialism might have something to do with their having bought into the “promises” of socialism sans the knowledge of socialism’s abject failure throughout history and even today.

Another recent poll, by Lifeway and Ligonier Ministries suggests that slightly more than half of evangelical Christians agree that God accepts the worship of all religions, including Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, which can be attributed to ‘evangelicals’ who twist scripture to promote inclusivism, and the fact that many evangelical Christians either don’t know or don’t believe their Bibles and what it clearly teaches.

Both polls, one political and one religious reflect a similar root problem – a lack of sound education; concerning history in one case and concerning what God has spoken to his people through his Word in the other.

Concerning young people and socialism, much of the blame for the current situation belongs to educational institutions. Concerning the sad case of evangelical Christians buying into inclusivism there is no excuse. Scripture and the words of Jesus are crystal clear. Jesus is the only way to God. If there are professing evangelical Christians who know what Scripture says, yet choose to believe there are many ways to God. . . . .I shudder to think what that might mean.

I’ll just leave it right there. . .

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