Capitol: Sacred?

Definitely worth discussion. Is the nation’s capitol “sacred” space, why or why not?

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Last week I have wrote about my disapproval of what happened at the Capitol on January 6th here: Wicked is the Doctrine of Regeneration through Chaos.  In that article I mentioned the danger of the doctrine of regeneration through chaos.

But there’s something I want to say about the response of some who condemned the incident that I’m concerned about biblically.  It is a biblical point that is important for the Christian.

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4 responses to “Capitol: Sacred?

  1. Yes, sacred. Not as a means to REPLACE God as an idol, but to establish a government on the precepts of a nation under God, dedicated to God, as witnessed by George Washington in his inauguration speech to CONGRESS.

    I think it’s a disgrace to think otherwise, in that the word sacred is used as a manner to replace God as an idol, totally severing God from the process, which many in the reform world believes anyway, thinking that Christian men have no responsibility to the direction of our nation.

    And that, to me, is a problem. Christians just sit back and do nothing, allowing corruption to take root. Christians are weak in this regard. We are charged with Loving your neighbor as yourself, and how can we say that we love our neighbor, if our neighbor is subjected to injustice? I’m not discussing “social justice”, but criminal injustice.

    Morality was a central focus of our founding, and they all considered the bible as a means to that morality.

    So, Chrisitans that use the term “sacred” have a point. Non-Christians that use that term to describe the governments institutions, yes, for them, it’s an idol.

    But not for Chrisitans, who believe that this nation was DEDICATED to God, rather than a COVENANT from God.

    But we know the bible well enough to know about how to get blessings from God vs. how not to get blessings from God.

    Psalm 33:12
    Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord; and the people whom he hath chosen for his own inheritance.

    God has indeed chosen CHRISTIANS for his inheritance, has he not?

    I have no problem with the word sacred, because God USED TO BE respected in our government buidings.

    If you read the government founding documents carefully, you will note that CHRISTIANS ONLY came to America first, not any other religion. Eventually some Jewish people came over, too. Eventually, Catholics came, too. But when the word “RELIGION” was used, regarding a so-called separation of church and state, it pertained to differing Christian denominations wanting to excersize their dogma on citizens. But the leaders were Christians, none the less.

    I want Christians to get involved to end the corruption in our government, not to stand by and do nothing. They have allowed what is sacred to become a DEN OF THIEVES. The TEMPLE OF GOD IN JERUSALEM was still the TEMPLE OF GOD IN JERUSALEM even when EVIL was taking place.

    Ed Chapman


    • I agree believers should be involved in whatever lawful ways we have to help bring about positive change in all things governmental, However I disagree that the nation. When I read the original article (by a friend of mine), My immediate reaction was a loud “NO”. Out nation’s Capitol should in no way be termed “sacred”.
      Thinking I might have been too hasty, I looked up the word “sacred”. The simple definition of “Sacred”, according to the Oxford dictionary is: “connected with God (or the gods) or dedicated to a religious purpose and so deserving veneration.” The sub-definitions all refer to things of God (gods) and religion/religious worship.
      I believe that those who call thee Capitol “sacred” fall into different categories:
      • Those who just don’t know the actual definition of “sacred” being connected to God or gods and do so out of ignorance.
      • Those who of late have been using the term in merely for political reasons and to make political points, as it were.
      • Actual idolaters, although they would never admit it. As a great theologian once said, the human heart is an idol factory.

      I would just like to add that our nation’s founders were not ALL Christians, as you suggest. Freedom of religion WAS significant in why they came to this country, and most, it not all of the first settlers believed in God and his Son. On the other hand, some were NOT Christians, but Deists who acknowledged a divine power.


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