“The sad irony of celebrity pastors”

“There is an irony, though, in how whenever Christians seem to attach themselves to mainstream culture, with all its vices, in the hope of drawing people towards God, they seem to get drawn towards vice.”

Follow the link to a really insightful article about celebrity pastors.

The sad irony of celebrity pastors | Spectator USA

4 responses to ““The sad irony of celebrity pastors”

  1. Dan,

    Great articles the last couple days. I wanted to comment on yesterday’s but got too busy. Unfortunately, History and Civics is not being taught anymore. Neither is school discipline being administered properly or not at all.

    Anyway, regarding today’s article, one can embrace the lyrics of a righteous song, without embracing the celebrity. You seem a bit too rigid about this topic for quite some time, including the cheezy Christian movies. I’d love to just say RELAX DUDE! Don’t get your panties in a twist!

    But as Mercy Me was going to have Amy Grant sing his song for him, she gave it back to him, telling him that it was his song to sing. NOTHING WRONG with the singer or the lyrics. I could care less of their PERSONAL life, and why? WHO DOES NOT SIN after becomeing a Christian? Can you point me to a sinless Christian? I don’t think that the earth has ever had a sinless Christian…not even the Apostle Paul was sinless after he became a Christian, and he so states that in the latter part of Romans 7.

    But those who lose their faith, should definately LEAVE the church and not be a hypocrite. And the church should mourn the loss, rather than mock them for the same sins that we are already guilty of STILL. Ever heard of STRONG HOLDS.

    Example…I have a LOT of drug addict friends that love Jesus VERY MUCH, and still struggle with drugs, and I’m talking the hard stuff…METH, HEROIN, etc. They just can’t shake the monkey. Should we CONDEMN them for their struggles?

    I like Amy Grant, and I know the challenges she’s had in the past, being famous. But I’d rather hear Amy Grant singing Amy Grant songs, nonetheless, or Bart Millard singing Mercy Me songs.

    Who doesn’t listen to secular music? I know…OLD FART BAPTISTS who have HYMNALS and an organ in church, instead of an electric guitar and drums…Elvis Presley is a SATAN WORSHIPPER, all because he moved his PELVIS. Your attitude about music and movies is about the same…just a different generation. LIGHTEN UP!

    But I’d rather hear Disturbed’s version of The Sound of Silence more than Simon and Garfunkle! LOL.

    Ed Chapman


    • I understand your point. My issue with ‘cheesy’ Christian movies is that while purporting to present the gospel, they often omit the gospel that includes the very seriousness of sin and the need for repentance. As for music, much CCM also leaves out the ‘bad news’ part of the gospel. Condoning music from a group representing a church with false doctrine, like Hillsong & Jesus Culture, is often taken as being OK with false teaching. Sad but true.

      Then again, cheesy Christian films and music aren’t the subjects of the article, although both Hillsong and Jesus Culture are both Pied Pipers stealing our children. IMHO. And not going to ‘lighten up’ unless and/or until scripture tells me that to be friend of the world is OK.

      See James 4:4 & 1 John 2:15-16

      Nice to hear from you!


      • Might I suggest Acts 17:30 which includes 2 words; ignorance and winked (KJV). Can you admit that gentiles have never been under the law of moses to begin with, and that didn’t even begin until exodus 20? Might I also show Roman’s 5:13, and 4:15, and that romans 2:14-16 shows that gentiles without jesus are judged by jesus based on their own conscience which is by nature already? The bible I study is a lot more forgiving of ignorance than your study is. Great example is abraham and Sarah. Brother and sister. Before the law of moses. The law of moses condemns such a relationship, calling it wicked, and cursed. But not for abraham and Sarah. Why? Roman’s 4:15, 5:13. Just things to ponder. All those who died in the flood was before the law. Peter’s epistle discusses them, that jesus preached to in the prison, and goes on to explain that it was a FORM of a baptism for them. That they were unrighteous, but jesus, being righteous, died for the unrighteous. I know your upbringing in the reform world won’t allow you to see things this way, but something to ponder. You are a great Christian, so I’m not knocking you. God bless!



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