Would America repent if a ‘Jonah’ showed up?

Jonah 4


There are a lot of similarities between 670 B.C. Ninevah and 21st Century America. The sins of America have surely reached the mind of God as did those of the Ninevites, and God would be justified in sending a ‘Jonah’ with a similar message of Divine judgment. The Ninevites repented in sackcloth and ashes, at least for a generation before judgment finally did fall and a once great city was destroyed. So here’s the question:

“Would America repent if a ‘Jonah’ showed up?”

What are your thoughts, and why? I have a few of my own, but I’ll not share them for now. I would really like to hear from anyone who reads this post.

6 responses to “Would America repent if a ‘Jonah’ showed up?

      • Honestly, Dan, I’m 75 percent serious in that. 25 percent joking. I think that at the moment, this generation isn’t concerned whether there be a God or not. They are too consumed of the vanity of this life, as Ecclesiastes discusses. If Jonah came back, and warned people, they’d just laugh at him, and want him arrested for hate speech cuz he’s not in line with supporting the LBGTQ community. I really don’t know where the line is crossed, but this generation has me worried. And that is serious.



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