If God is no respecter of persons, why are we?

Am sitting at the car dealer having some work done, so I thought I would share a question.

Think about it. the Bible tells us that we are all in the same boat coming into this world – lost sinners, every one. Yet we treat some who profess Christ different than others.

Celebrities of all sorts who one day profess that they met Christ are instant ‘heroes’ of the faith and are put on pedestals. We might pray that they would connect with a Bible believing church or grow strong in their new found faith, but many times we just get all excited that so-and-so found Jesus and shout about it all over the place, as if their proclaiming Christ is somehow more special than all the normal average folks that God saves on a regular basis.

Why do we do that?

One response to “If God is no respecter of persons, why are we?

  1. Just saw another ad celebrating a college football star giving back to the community, being celebrated for being a great role model. Haven’t seen an Allstate ad lately celebrating an average, every day guy being a role model, have you? One could think you have to be a ‘star’ who does good to be an effective role model.


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