Why do we do this?

I have a serious question.

Have you heard anyone beginning a testimony with anything like ‘Ever since I repented of my sin and believed in Christ. . .’?

I haven’t, not lately. They always begin with somethimg like:

‘Since I gave my heart to Jesus. . .’

‘Since I accepted Jesus. . .’

‘Since I received Christ. . .’

‘Since I chose Christ. . .’

Why is that?

2 responses to “Why do we do this?

  1. Some years ago I listened to an audio recording of my baptism in which testimonies were presented. I noticed the testimonies of those who emphasize sin and forgiveness continued to persevere. Those who didn’t but focused on other “benefits?” Fell away; every single one. I cried so much listening to it. O how we need to get the Gospel right!

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