The Religious Nature of Yoga | Apologetics

The Religious Nature of Yoga | Apologetics

Source: The Religious Nature of Yoga | Apologetics

Well, here I go again, being all hateful and stuff!

I saw an Ad on Facebook for one of the various audiobook distributors. It featured as a graphic a book about self-discipline with the image of someone in a Yoga pose. I replied that I really only needed the Bible and indwelling Holy Spirit to learn proper discipline and didn’t need a false religion to help me. If course I received some backlash. I can understand that sort of thing from the pagan world, but not from professing Christians. I probably wouldn’t have replied at all but I noticed that a few Christians I know had ‘liked’ the Ad. In answer to the backlash that accused me of going around looking for stuff to hate that I was only providing information I thought might be useful. I had after all mentioned that although many in the West do not think of Yoga as a religion, it’s originators really do and have accused the West of co-opting their religion.

The last thing I left my ‘Christian’ friend who thinks I am a hater is the link you see in this post. Of course this is FYI only and not meant to judge anyone. I think it’s important to be well informed.

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