Stop the Christmas Wars

If Christians want to stop the ‘Christmas wars’ they could just stop fighting. After all, it takes two opposing parties to start a war. Maybe we didn’t start it, but we sure are complicit in it’s continuance

What if the atheist/humanist side’s real issue is being exposed to the God the Bible tells us they hate the God they know exists (the Bible tells us that too).

If thats true (See Romans 8:7 & Romans 1), perhaps they need to stop hating the God they know.

One way for that to happen would be for Christians to stop ‘warring’ with them and pray a simple prayer that God would open hearts to receive the Gospel and that he would send someone to share that message.

And BTW, if you are one of His children through faith, having turned your back on sin and turned to Christ, sharing the message of the cross is actually the best gift you could give anyone who doesn’t know Jesus as Savior and Lord.

9 responses to “Stop the Christmas Wars

  1. Dan, ya, sure, while we are at it, why don’t we just stop preaching the reason for the season, too. Sorry, Dan, but I disagree with this. Some things are worth fighting for. This is one of them.


    • Well, Ed I hope you and your had a good Christmas. Can’t you see that sharing the gospel during the Christmas season (or any other time) IS the reason for the season. Wouldn’t it serve the Kingdom and the Christ child far better to see a former enemy of God enter that Kingdom?


      • I had a great Christmas, and I hope that you did as well. And, to answer your question, yes, as long as they don’t try to re-define the reason for the season, and spoil the fun for everyone else prior while they were yet enemies.


        • Of course unbelievers are going to try and re-define the reason for the season, it’s in their very nature to do so. The reason for the season cannot be the birth of Christ because unbelievers hate God (Rom 8:&). Let them have their ‘reason’. Their very nature needs to change from being at odds with God, to being a friend of God. That happens by God opening hearts to receive the gospel and the message being presented, NOT by fighting about it.


          • Remember back in the day when Christmas Carolers would go around the neighborhood. There was no thought about offending the unbelievers in those days, as most in a community were believers in those days, and they loved to hear the singing. Remember the school plays in those days? Now they decry separation of church and state, when back then, no one in the community thought anything about a separation of church and state in regards to children in a play at school regarding Hark the Herold Angels sing. The word Christmas is now replaced with the word holiday. But, when I was a kid, the only reason people said “Happy Holidays” was due to the fact that school was out between 2 holidays, Christmas, and New Years. I want back what we once had, and the only way to get that back is to not act passive about it, but to fight for it.


            • Thank you for your candid honesty, Ed. I would also like for our society and prevailing culture be more like it once was. What believer doesn’t? Your comment:

              “I want back what we once had, and the only way to get that back is to not act passive about it, but to fight for it.”

              At the same time, I don’t need to be in a ‘war’ to make it so. My biblical mandate is to share the gospel with the lost world around me. It is only in presenting the gospel to God opened hearts that things could change. At the same time, the Bible tells us that as we get closer and closer to the 2nd Coming of Christ, things will get worse and worse. What dies the Bible instruct us to do as Christians, fight with unbelievers or share with them the gospel?


              • There is a references in the Bible that I like to share. At the last supper, Jesus told his disciples to get swords. They said that they had 2 swords. There was a reason. Some wrongly conclude that Jesus said that in order to make a point with Peter that those who live by the sword die by the sword. No, Peter just used the sword in an incorrect manner, because he tried to defend Jesus who needed no defending. Jesus also said that if his kingdom was of this world, his people would fight. So, the need for his disciples to have swords were for their own defense for after Jesus being gone. Jesus came to be on that cross, and Peter was not going to stop it, even with a sword. To me, it isn’t enough to just share. Celebrating is also part of it. At school and in the work place, and at the mall, on public property, not just in our box at church in a private building. We once had that, and it was in my own lifetime. But yes, I agree with you that as time gets closer to Christ’s return, things will get worse.


              • Celebrating the birth of Christ can only be a good thing. However, it is nowhere commanded in Scripture. Making disciples, which by default contains sharing the gospel message, is our mission as believers. The celebration of Christ’s birth is a tradition begun by the early church. Furthermore, Peter’s drawing of his sword had to do with trying to stop what had been ordained of God. To use it to defend fighting with unbelievers about Christmas is a false dichotomy. Like I said, they are only behaving quite naturally as unbelievers. We should be sharing the message of the gospel with them.


  2. Ed,

    I’m not ignoring your last two comments. Perhaps you misunderstood what I meant by not needing to be part of the Christmas Wars. I’m not talking about never taking appropriate measures to restore rights being trampled upon using appropriate means. What prompted me to write about it was seeing a Facebook post talking about how Christians were again being persecuted by some not wanting to see anything Christian at Christmas. A professing Christian commented that we need to get our armor on and get in their faces. That’s the kind of ‘war’ we don’t need and the one about which I was speaking. You speak of giving in to the ‘whims’ of the enemy. Fighting of this kind about Christmas is EXACTLY what they want. They know how we should behave and love it when we act just like them. My point was that since unbelievers hate the God they know exists, the ‘war’ is misplaced effort on our part. We should be praying that God open unbelievers’ hearts to hear the gospel and we should be sharing that message. Let the courts, etc. do their thing. On a personal level, we should be about sharing the gospel with love, not a warring spirit. Does that help?


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