What if?

What if this election is about God punishing a nation for her many sins, no matter who wins on election day? What will all of the ‘national idolaters’ do then? Why do so many, including Christians, seem to think one candidate will destroy the US and the other one will ‘save’ her? After all, the good old US Of A has to be read INTO scripture, a really bad hermeneutic. Jesus Christ came, bled and died for the sins of God’s people, and only had one ‘chosen’ nation – the one through whom the Messiah came.

Regardless of who wins the election, we who profess Christ have ONE mission – to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost and dying all around us! I would add that the proclamation of the TRUE gospel needs to go forth INSIDE a whole lot of ‘church’ doors where thousands upon thousands of the deceived think Christ died for their ‘best lives now’. My friends, that is a lie from the pit of Hell.

Dear saint, are you mentally and spiritually prepared for your beloved nation to be tossed intomthe dustbin of history? ARE you? Are you ready to carry out your mission if things get really bad for us. ARE you? Or are we just going to keep fighting the wrong battle (for our ‘rights’) instead of the REAL battle for the souls of men.

I can’t help but think about U.S. Airborne jump commands. About 6 minutes out from the drop zone, the first one was shouted loudly (it’s noisy inside a C-130). GET READY!!!!!!

I don’t claim to be any kind of ‘prophet’, like many these days, but considering all the ‘noise’ these days, the reminiscing seems appropriate.

Be ready my friends – no matter the outcome. Our mission has NEVER changed!

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