2 responses to “The Dead Raising Team … Courtesy of Bethel Church Charlatans – Pulpit & Pen

  1. I’m not sure what’s worse, that “Dead Raising Teams” exist, or that there are professing Christians who buy into such Charismaniacal nonsense. Sadly, there a Pastor in New England that many years ago was a close Christian brother with whom I would meet in the early hours of the morning at an Army Chapel to pray over our units, friends and comrades. We attended a Charismatic church. He was ordained in a Charismatic denomination and became the Pastor of a local church. About a year ago I noticed that his church was sponsoring one of the DRTs from Bethel. It breaks my heart. I read the Bible over and over and ended up walking away that which focused more on subjective experience(s) than objective truth in its biblical context.


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