10 responses to “Andy Stanley: You’re Not Smart Enough If You’re Not In “One of Our Churches” (Doubling Down on Unnecessary Scripture) – Pulpit & Pen

  1. This is interesting, Dan.

    The pastor of one of the two churches I attend quoted Andy S. in a favorable way last week and I had to mention it on the way home to my son. I am aware that Mr. Stanley (the younger) has made many strange comments, some of which he has apologized for. Some think he does this just for the attention. If it is for attention, it is at the expense of his Christian credibility and it is selfish. If it’s not for attention, it is almost as bad and maybe worse.

    Anyway, I got home from church, went to Youtube and John Haller spent over 30 minutes of his prophecy update discussing Andy and issues related to him. John Haller’s review of Andy was not favorable.


    • I have been listening to his latest sermons in which he completely denies the inerrancy of scripture and has said we need to get away from the centrality of the Bible and just focus on the resurrection. He has been doing church for the ‘unchurched’ for yesrs, as have other megachurch types. Steven Furtick comes to mind.

      Sadly, my brother and his wife really like Andy Stanley. They asked me what I thought about him and I tried to kindly tell them what I think. My sis-in-law is also a big Hillsong and Bethel fan. Lots of room for prayer.

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      • There is lots of room for prayer, indeed. I looked back at a few clips I saw of Andy on Sunday. He focused on the resurrection which fits your take. Here is just one quote: “For the first 300 years the debate centered on an event and not a book.”
        John Haller dispensed with this notion by using verses from “the book.”
        Here’s another quote from Andy: “Christianity does not hang by the thread of ‘the Bible tells me so.'”
        At least I can look at Andy, but maybe if I listened to him more I would have a hard time even looking at him which is my experience with Steven Furtick. These guys are lost, along with Hillsong and Bethel and how many are being led astray? Lots of room for prayer, indeed.

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  2. Dan and Chris, this statement of Andy Stanley’s is a Roman Catholic view:

    “Christianity does not exist because of the Bible. It is the other way around. The reason there is the Bible is because of Christianity. And this is one of the concepts that so many people outside our network of churches have a hard time understanding.” Andy Stanley


    • I can see the similarity, although I think Stanley is attacking the importance of Scripture more egregiously than the RCC. He doesn’t seem to claim that the church gave us the Bible, but is saying that we have given too much importance to the centrality of the Bible to our faith. Dr. James has done the most detailed critique of Stanley’s recent sermons. Same result, for sure – heresy, in my view.

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        • I’v heard that his ‘target’ audience in the series is mostly those who have walked out of church or might be ready to walk out, and probably from His church. He seems to be telling those who might be discouraged and confused about ‘Bible’ matters of one sort or another that they don’t have let those things drive them away. Just hang around for ‘Jesus &’resurrection’ stuff. The Bible isn’t the foundation for Christianity anyway, so don’t sweat the hard stuff. He made that point very clear.

          Come to think of it, that fits perfectly with the Arminianism he espouses, as well as his Emergent church ties, which are strong and go back to the early days of the movement.

          What’s been really interesting is that while he downplays the importance of the Bible he makes a lot of statements and assertions that are firmly rooted in what ‘is written’. That makes a lit of what he is preaching rather incoherent at best, although the incoherence is totally lost to him (or it s seems so) as well as most of his audience.

          Perhaps those in the audience who are Biblically literate will discern well and walk out themselves.

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          • Best to pray for Andy. He is either very confused or deceitful.

            It’s hard to have patience with emergent teachers who hanker after what the Lord brought His people out of – slavery to false authority and false religion. Today, the number of false teachers seems staggering, but it may be that we hear about them but don’t hear about the steady, devoted men. The walk of faith in this present evil world takes constant prayer and devotion to His Word.


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