My Sister Dorothy

Dear Friends,

Am in San Antonio with family. I have another sister and brother here (I’m the kid who left town). My older sister Dorothy took her final breath on this earth last night in a hospice facility, where she was taken earlier this week after suffering a heart attack. She had a lot of health issues these last few years. About an hour before she finished her race I read much of John 14 to her. A hospice nurse came in and was going to check her her heart when  Dorothy took her final breath. We were all with her except my other sister who was actually just arriving at the hospice facility. Our prayer was that Dorothy’s final moments would be quiet ones, but was hard watching her go through the process of her body slowly shutting down. 

Dorothy had a tough life. I’ll leave it at that and choose to think that playing great hymns of the faith to her she had to remember from her youth and sharing sweet words of Our Savior found a God prepared heart even as she was unresponsive.

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  1. It is had to know what to say at times like this but even harder to write something that helps.

    You were there for her last moments, Dan. What better than to be read the great Gospel of John as one is about to take a last breath? Since this wasn’t a surprise, at least you were somewhat prepared.

    May God grant you His peace at this time. May he give you fond memories of the good times you had with your sister, Dorothy.

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  2. Thank you all for the kind words, thoughts and prayers! Funeral arrangements are settled and we are moving things out of her apartment. Getting a chance to also see nieces and nephews.


  3. Sorry for your loss, Dan. I’ve actually been at the death bed of someone. It’s not easy. He had mesothelioma and could hardly breath, and it was very painful for him. But I will never forget his final words to his daughter which was, “I’m getting ready to go”, and within minutes he was gone. His daughter had set up a hospice bed at her place in the living room and was trained to care for him. This was in Hawaii, and my ship had just pulled in. I was just supposed to deliver flowers from my ex-fiance’s mom to him as he was their family friend, but I ended up being support for the man’s daughter in his final moments. I had no idea that he would pass away while I was there. Anyway, as the stomach fluids were being checked by his daughter, it was black, so she called the nurse, and she told her that he would not make it to morning, and suggested that if she has some Beethoven, to play it. She did, so she played it, and as it was being played, the man spoke, “Beethoven”, and within minutes, his breathing seemed to relax, and within about an hour he stated “I’m getting ready to go”, and within minutes of that, he passed away.

    Call me crazy, Dan, but, I believe that there were angels there waiting to take him away to be with the Lord.

    Luke 16:22
    And it came to pass, that the beggar died, and was carried by the angels into Abraham’s bosom…

    May your sister “Rest In Peace”!



  4. These times are never easy no matter how prepared we believe ourselves to be for the loss of a loved one. Thank you for sharing this insight into your personal life. I pray the God of peace comforts you and your family.


    • Thank you for your prayers. The memorial service was yesterday evening and the graveside this morning. I played a collection of great hymns for the memorial service and did a slide show of pictures from her life. Staying at my brother’s and will fly back tomorrow. Have also been able to see nieces and nephews and their spouses and children. 🙂

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