How to Argue Against the Wicked Heresy of Calvinism

Here are 7 principles for arguing against the heresy of Calvinism courtesy of Randy Siever. You can view Randy’s video here, in which he explains these essential principles.

1. Make sure you have misrepresented his (the Calvinist’s) position so badly that even he wouldn’t recognize it as what he actually believes.

2. Have a handful of proof texts you can use against their arguments.

3. Never ‘exegete’ passages of scripture in order to draw out what the human writer and Holy Spirit actually wrote.

4. You always want to share a part of the truth as if it is the whole truth and pretend that Calvinists don’t believe the part of the truth you stated.

5. Find areas where most Calvinists would disagree with Calvin and insist that they must believe everything Calvin had to say if they are really Calvinists.

6. Never quote a Calvinist in the context in which his comments actually occurred.

7. When all else fails, resort to name calling.

I encourage you to watch Randy’s video, available here.

7 responses to “How to Argue Against the Wicked Heresy of Calvinism

  1. Excellent tips Don, I have seen all.of them used before.

    I used to reject Calvinism but the older I get and the more I study Scripture, the more reasonable it becomes.


    • None yet, not even from friend Ed.. I always moderate him anyway. I have found out that YouTube is a goldmine of epithets and terms used for Calvinists by non-Calvinists. Curiously though, you don’t find the same demonstration linguistic ‘skill’ on the part of those supporting Calvinism.


      • Most seem to think we are followers of the Antichrist and if we believed half the stuff they accuse us of believing, I might agree with them. I suspect they would hate us sufficiently if they understood what we truly believe but I don’t understand why they can’t get it right. I have confronted some of them personally and they insist we don’t believe what the confessions state or what we tell them we beleive. It is truly sad.

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  2. Having listening to various debates between Arminians and Calvinists and it seems that more Arminians seem to argue against Calvinists than the reverse, at least that is the impression based on the content of their arguments. Leighton Flowers and Jerry Walls come to mind specifically. William Lane Craig at least tries to find middle ground with the ‘middle knowledge’ of God.


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