5 responses to “Man’s ‘Left Behind’ Book Collection Raptured | The Babylon Bee

  1. I’ve just found out that Tim LaHaye died yesterday after a stroke. The article to which I was directed was followed by a string of comments that I think were posted mostly by various sorts of God deniers who seemed to relish condemning Dr. LaHaye, and were void of intelligent thought and any compassion.

    I’ll not take the post down however, because I think the whole Left Behind phenomena/craze should teach us something. I never finished the series. Somewhere in their reading I realized that regardless of things turn out, I was to have as my mission on this earth the spreading of the gospel, ‘Christ and Him crucified’ for our sins, and not trying to figure it all out. I lost the level of interest in such books I once had.

    These days we have all sorts of false prophets making a ton of money from their books and conferences and because so many professing believers are still greatly distracted from their primary mission. Meanwhile, Satan smiles at our ignorance.

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    • Dan, I’m grateful that you let us know. The Babylon bee lampoons the ignorance you’re speaking of rather than Dr. LaHaye. It shows the lack of wisdom in getting knowledge from novels instead of God’s Word. It’s never good to malign a person but to examine their views and the means they use to promote them. After many years I’ve come to understand that fiction and truth usually aren’t a good mix, that is, when it comes to the great and holy themes such as this one and the Lord’s life.


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