5 responses to “Cloud of witnesses – Cyril Lucaris, Patriarch of Constantinople | Pilgrim’s Progress revisited – a former Catholic on the narrow way

  1. Dan, this kind of thing is mostly hidden from us, but praise God that Jesus explained this:

    Luke 8:17
    17 For nothing is secret that will not be revealed, nor anything hidden that will not be known and come to light.

    Something that interested me was Lucas’ discovery and gift of the Codex Alexandrinus. I’m just attempting a start at studying texts and things – having almost been swayed to KJV Only – and was grateful to read about Lucas in The Pilgrim Church.


    • KJV onlyists will assert the Alexandrian Text to be corrupt aand adhere to the Textus Receptus. Some even hold to the KJV as being as inspired as the original writing and that foreign language translations should be of the KJV. James White has written a really good book on the KJV controversy, as well has debated various KJV only men. You can find them on You Tube.

      I once did an experiment with a passage from John 1 looking at it with two English versions, along with German, Spanish, and Polish Bibles I happened to have on hand, then looking at the Greek text using Strong’s concordance. The NIV conveyed a meaning closer to the Greek due to definitions of certain words having changed for the average reader since 1611. The Polish translation was the absolute closest to the original Greek.

      It’s an interesting discussion. The KJV is a good translation, as are others. The Sunday school material we use from John MacArthur uses the NKJV. I also have a MacArthur Study Bible that’s NASB.

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      • Dan, what you did with various versions is a really good project. It’s really interesting about the NIV, and about the Polish version – I wouldn’t have imagined. Richard Bennett has taught about the Reformation in Poland and the reason for its failure in the Counter-Reformation.

        I’ve just started reading James White’s book on KJV Only and am learning a lot.


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