Quote of the day – The Baptist Confession of Faith of 1689

Creeds and confessions have developed now and again throughout the history of the church, in order to Biblically articulate what we believe, Many, including the earliest ones in the church, were developed due to heresies and bad doctrine having arisen. They do not carry with them the same sort of Divine inspiration as the text of scripture, but when soundly biblical are very profitable for the well being of the church and its members. The 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith is one such Confession. Thanks to an online friend, here is a link to a portion of that Confession. There is a link to the entire document in the article itself. – Dan C.

. CONFESSION  OF FAITH Put forth by the  ELDERS and BRETHREN Of many CONGREGATIONS OF Christians (baptized upon Profession of their faith) in London and the Country . Chapter 2: Of God and of the H…

Source: Quote of the day – The Baptist Confession of Faith of 1689

9 responses to “Quote of the day – The Baptist Confession of Faith of 1689

  1. Dan, I posted this as a way to help those beloved Christians who are coming under the influence of oneness bloggers and teachers.
    Did you notice that it was both the elders and brethren who confessed these Biblical doctrines? Isn’t that good?
    Thanks for the link!


  2. I especially noted that. Perhaps a friend of mine will read it and take he. He’s very anti-creeds & confessions and believes they are just dead men telling us how to believe.

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    • Dan,

      Yes, you are right. I am anti-creed.

      I believe in using “I” statements, not “WE” statements. Why? Because in reality, it was “THEY”, not “ME”. “I” make my own decisions, as an individual. NO ONE has a right to dictate to me what to believe, or how to believe it.

      Be responsible and accountable to answer up for your own beliefs, rather than the beliefs of others. Going with the flow of what someone else believes…that really has nothing to do with YOUR faith. You are relying on someone else’s faith to be right. There is no accountability in that.

      Bible is sufficient does not tell us anything about a creed that we all must recite. That is man made. YOU need to tell people what YOU believe, and WHY YOU believe it. I can see it now…you in front of God, and you must give an account, as the Bible states, and then you pointing your fingers at John Calvin, stating, “But Calvin said…” over and over again.

      In other words, you tell the world what YOU believe, and let each individual tell the world what they believe.

      Whatever it is that anyone believes, it should flow from the heart, out of the mouth, without any given thought to a creed. Tell it in your own words, not someone else’s words.

      Oh, and I am oneness, if you were wondering. There is no such thing as 3 people playing the role of one God. There is one person playing the role of one God. Again, I wasn’t invited to the meeting of 325AD.

      Father = SPIRIT
      Son = Body
      Holy Spirit = Soul (Mind of Christ)

      That is one person.

      Oh, and you know that phrase that church’s tell us, “I baptize you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit”?

      Funny how none of the Apostles, when they baptized people, none of them used that phrase. And, they didn’t baptize in the Name of the Father, or the Holy Spirit, either. Just the name of Jesus. They can’t seem to follow orders very well.

      So, what you can say is that “THEY BELIEVED”, but let me tell you what I believe…and WHY I BELIEVE IT.

      You are advocating, “I believe what they believed, and I am trusting them, all because they wore the white robes and dunce caps and spoke Latin, and mostly because they held power over us, and threatened our lives that if we actually took a stand to disagreed with them, they would burn us at the stake.

      Talk about manipulation to force people into being in conformity. I see a lot of corruption and manipulation in creeds. NO freedom of thought.



      • Well, Ed, either you read the Baptist Confession post about the Trinity and failed to notice that all of the passages supporting it are present and well accounted for, much like you use scripture to support your position that there is no Trinity. The men who gathered together to support the 1689 Confession however, did a much better job of it.

        It’s your choice, as you have said. You seem to take the position that it’s every man for himself with Biblical interpretation and also that you are always right with yours, including concerning The Godhead.

        You then tell me that you are oneness pentecostal (lower case ‘o’ & ‘p’, I suppose to try and claim of being nondenominatioal. I think you might have blown the ‘USS Nondenomination’ clean out of the water with your own Cruise missile. Maybe not. There is a lot of concern concerning Oneness Pentecostalism and the denial of the Trinity actually being ‘Christian’. Many would define it as a theological cult.

        All that being said Ed, I’ll add that your “NO denomination, NO creed, no ‘dead men’ telling ME what to believe” IS a “creed.” Please think about that. Your soul could depend on it, my friend.

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        • I never said I was Pentecostal. I said that I am ONENESS. I believe that all three are one God, but Trinity states that 3 people play that role. I say that ONE person plays that role. And, you are going to tell me that I am hell bound for not being in lock step with a meeting in 325 AD? I think not, buddy.


          • Did I mention any church council? If you assume I did, you are dead wrong. Neither does the 1689 Baptist Confession. Is the fact that the 1689 Confession is supported by a really lot of scripture at all significant to you?

            You are still a denomination unto yourself and by your OWN admission live by your OWN creed. Gee, I think I’m hearing another Cruise missile being launched, this time from the ‘USS NO Creed”.

            Ed, please step outside of your own vain imaginings and THINK.

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