Is the VOICE Bible a Doorway to New Age Spirituality and the Emergent Church?

It’s a question to consider. And if New Age spirituality and the Emergent represent apostate Christianity, or maybe even that which is heretical, it might mean approaching the VOICE Bible with extreme caution. Here are links to a two part in depth review that might be profitable for all of us.—part-one.html

One response to “Is the VOICE Bible a Doorway to New Age Spirituality and the Emergent Church?

  1. BTW, a page at advertises The VOICE Bible as one of the ‘Gospel Resources for the Emerging Church’ and says this:

    “The Voice is a Scripture project designed to help followers of Jesus to rediscover the story of the Bible. Chris Seay’s vision for The Voice is structured around his passion for celebrating the beauty and truth of the biblical narrative. Much like the Hebrews at the time of the New Testament, postmodern culture today connects better with story than with isolated facts. As preaching is too often reduced to articulating truth statements buried within the powerful and redemptive story of Christ, we should remember that Jesus taught through parables and metaphors. The Voice seeks to bring the pertinent truths of the Gospel to life, by introducing them fresh to an emerging generation of seekers and believers.”

    Therefore, my answer to the question “Is The VOICE Bible a doorway to New Age Spirituality and the Emergent Church?” is a resounding “YES”.


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