5 Reasons I’m not a ‘Christ follower’

Now that I have your attention, let me clarify that. I don’t mean that I don’t ‘follow’ Christ. What I do mean is that I don’t ‘self-identify’ as a ‘Christ follower’. I don’t get upset when people ask me if I’m a ‘Christ follower’, I just don’t like to call myself a ‘Christ follower’.

Here are my 5 reasons::

1. Anyone can be a ‘Christ follower’. One need not even have met and embraced Christ as Savior to be one. Think about it.

2. Although claiming to be a Christ ‘follower’ means more than just being a ‘fan’; meaning that I ‘do’ something rather than just hit the ‘Like’ button on Jesus’ Facebook page, it also tends to tickle the ‘boast’ button attached to my flesh.

3. It tends toward a sense of ‘works’ righteousness. See number 2.

4. It misses the gospel, in that it’s about what I ‘do’ and says nothing about what God has done on my behalf. In all fairness, it does have the name of Christ, and that could lead to a discussion about what God has done through Christ. Also, the label ‘Christ follower’ is a safe term for those who want to avoid the tough discussion(s) that address things like the gospel themes of sin and repentance.

5. The term ‘Christ follower’ falls woefully short of all that it means to be a Christian. It just doesn’t say enough about who I am as a believer.

So what should I call myself? What term/label could I use that might best identify who I am as a Christian and that also speaks to what God has done? Well, after considering about a dozen possibilities, I decided to just go ‘old school’ and tell folks that I am a ‘Christian’.

Yes, I know that it’s not P.C. in today’s evangelical environment and that we’ve been told over and over again to avoid ‘cristianese’ (I read another article a couple of days ago), but I’m going with it. ‘Christian’ says more about who/what I am as a repentant believer in Christ than any other label I could come up with!

So whenever I’m asked if I’m a ‘Christ follower’, I’ll just say “No, I’m a ‘Christian’ in anticipation of an opportunity to talk about what it means.

11 responses to “5 Reasons I’m not a ‘Christ follower’

  1. Dan, that’s right – the use of this term, and being questioned about whether this is how we think of ourselves, offers an opportunity to speak about the Gospel – the One Who saved us. It’s good to make the most of things that confront us, preaching the Word in and out of season.


  2. What do you think about the term “Biblical Christian”?
    The problem (it seems to me) with just calling yourself a “Christian” is the lack of understanding most people have of that term. In other words, you and Joel Osteen believe the same thing.


    • I see your point! The term Christian has suffered harm in our day. When I’ve felt the need to add a qualifier to the term Christian I tend to use ‘genuine’ as opposed to ‘nominal’ (Joel). ‘Biblical’ works also. 🙂


        • Sadly, there are many, many these have made a profession of some,kind, coming to the Cross for their ‘best lives now’ and the variations thereof who have been greatly deceived. Not a new phenomena, but greatly increasing in our day thanks to Joel O. And his extended family of apostates. I’ve been hoping he would take over the tire sales organization that bears his name!


          • More and more I’m realizing that there really are different gospels out there. Rather that getting pulled in to discussions with generic Christians that don’t seem to ever resolve, when I get a strange whiff, I try to ask the person some basics. Right now at Stan’s blog (Winging it – http://birdsoftheair.blogspot.com) there’s a person who seems only to follow Jesus – not the rest of the Bible. They preach love. But how can we put love over the words of Scripture?

            I just don’t understand.


            • I know some of those folks, too. Back in the 60’s the Jesus movement birthed quite a few. Today the notion of being able to have private conversations with Jesus and hearing God’s voice directly are responsible for diverting attention from the written word.


              • As well it should. Satan’s diversions from what God has said started in the Garden, in my opinion. “Did God really say?” Has always been the big lie that has brought destruction to the Bride of Christ and probably spawned every ‘Christian’ cult on the planet. This is also part of the signs of the end times.


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