And I Must

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Cole Thomas Expulsion from Garden of Eden

Abiding to the protocol of the “correct order” is a fundamental element of the process of life. For instance, take a look at a Type 2 diabetic person. Some of the complications of a diabetic person comprises of having a heart and blood vessel disease, nerve damage (neuropathy), kidney damage (nephropathy), eye damage, foot damage, hearing impairment, skin conditions, Alzheimer’s disease, etc. The risks are higher if the person does not follow the correct order of insulin intake via pills or the common subcutaneous shot. Having too little insulin or not being able to take insulin effectively is deadly. The correct order concerning insulin intake must be taken seriously.

The protocol of the correct order is intensified concerning our relationship as Christians to God. Our binding relationship to Him can fall under the order of these three fountainhead truths: “He is” (Col. 1:15-18 [character of Christ]), “He has” (1:12-14, 20-22…

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