“What did God say to you today?”

I listened to a teaching this last Sunday morning, in which direct and personal extra-Biblical encounters with God were again spoken much of, while the God in the Bible was referred to as “the idea God” opposed to the ‘manifest presence’ and ‘relational presence’ of God that are more personal and direct encounters with God and therefore somehow more intimate than just the written Word. We heard about things like ‘divine gravity’ (Jesus being lifted up and drawing men) and ‘trans-generational anointing’ (Ezekial to John the Baptist) and how we can also experience/see both in our own lives as we ‘turn’ to see the ‘manifest presence’ and enter the ‘relational presence’ of God. Se have been told in previous sermons in the ‘Encountering God’ series that if we sit quietly with our pens journals in the morning and write what the voices we hear are saying we will eventually be able to identify ‘God’s voice’ and have wonderful encounters that will “increase our relationship with God”, something we all need to do.

After the teaching (to be continued next week) we were asked “What did God say to you today?” Here is my answer.

  • That while I dead in sin He made me Alive in Christ and I am seated with Christ in the Heavenly realm. Eph 2:1-6
  • That He has baptized me in the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit lives in me. Eph 4:5
  • That I am declared righteous in Christ . Rom 8:1-4
  • That all my sins have been forgiven because I have trusted in Christ as my substitute. Eph 1:7
  • That He gave me as a love gift to his Son and I shall never perish. John 10:28
  • That since I believe in Christ I will not be condemned for unbelief. John 3:18
  • That scripture is sufficient for every good work.2 Tim 3:16-17
  • That he works in me to desire and do what pleases him. Phil 2:1

That’s how God spoke to me from His Word this last Sunday morning. These passages tell me who I am in Christ, and how I interact with God on a regular basis. The question that arose in my heart was “With all God has given me already, why would I need to have these extra-Biblical encounters?” 

A few more passages came to mind after the morning teaching:

  • God has already spoken. Heb 1:1-3
  • Don’t go beyond what is written. 1 Cor 4:6
  • Don’t add to the words of scripture. Rev 22:18

Well, those are my thoughts. Sadly (to me, anyway) many are going after extra-Biblical encounters these days, treating them as if they are some form of ‘higher’ spirituality. Subjective experiences rather than objective truth rules the day.

But like I said, these are my thoughts, not yours. They have been on my mind for quite some time now, but have become more significant and closer to home of late. If you are reading this I only ask that you consider them for a moment or two.

And have a blessed day!

13 responses to ““What did God say to you today?”

  1. It seems “the enemy has come in like a flood.” Evangelicals seem to have lost the idea of biblical authority and have substituted “feel good” religion in its place. Thanks for the warning against letting subjective impressions supplant the authority of God’s truth.


  2. This whole thing about ‘close encounters of the God kind’ (my nickname) sounds really good, and what believer wouldn’t want ‘more’ of God? When the preacher is a great speaker even the passages used to ‘prove’ his agenda sound good. The problem seems to be that all of the ‘proof texts’ are used as being ‘preescriptive’ of how today’s believers can experience God, not merely ‘descriptive’ of what God was doing through certain OT prophets during a certain period of time as God was working out His plan for the redemption of His people.

    I’m not saying that we don’t ‘experience’ God, but it must be on His terms.


  3. I was asked by a friend on Facebook the following question regarding this post:

    “How do you interpret 1 Cor 12, Rom 12, Eph 4, etc (gifts), balanced by the fruit in Gal 5?”

    My reply:

    “There are gifts given to the church for the building up of the church. There are certain sign gifts connected to the Apostles to confirm their message, just as they were given to OT Prophets to confirm their message. Those supernatural gifts also seem to confined to three distinct periods when the inscription of scripture was in view (Moses, Elijah & Elijah, Christ and the Apostles. The apostles and prophets, along with Christ are the ‘foundation’ of the Church, which is securely in place. The fruit of the Spirit is precisely described in Galatians 5. Supernatural sign gifts are not so described – fruit of the Spirit in the believer’s life. 2 Timothy 3:16-17 tell me that Scripture is sufficient for Christian growth and every good work. There is no teaching in all of Scripture that tells us to expect personal special encounters with God in which we listen in the quiet with a pen and journal and write down what we hear from voices in our head. The passages of scripture used to ‘prove’ that we need special personal encounters are descriptive rather than prescriptions for a ‘higher’ level of spirituality. There’s a lot more to all of this, but that’s my current take on things. Luv ya, my brother!”


  4. I don’t understand when you say “extra-biblical”. Are you not able to voice what God is doing in your life, without quoting scripture?

    I gave you specific examples that the Holy Ghost, which is God, by the way, spoke to people. How he spoke is not known, whether it was audible, it is not known. But this much I do know, the biblical answer is that God speaks. He told Paul to separate himself from Barnabus. He told others to tell Paul that if he goes to Jerusalem, he will be bounded, or arrested. He told Philip to go to a chariot. So there is just three examples that God speaks, that is biblical. The point is that God speaks. I’m not quite sure as to why you deny that God still speaks, because it is biblical. But, Calvinism is set up in such a way to declare that, “that was back then, for the first century Christians only”.

    But, you gotta admit, it is biblical that God speaks. So, I don’t understand the word “extra-biblical”. I hear that word a lot from Calvinists. I think it stems from the sola-scriptora debate with Catholics. And, in that regard, I would agree, because Catholic leadership can’t even interpret a bible that they claim to be the only ones authorized to interpret.

    So, the Calvinist debate is either against Catholics, or Arminians. In either case, it is biblical that God speaks.


        • That which is not found in or directly supported by scripture. God speaks to us through Scripture and by the indwelling Holy Spirit. Scripture is sufficient (2 Tim 3:16-17). We don’t need new, special private revelation/encounters with God.


          • So, if God speaks by the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, again, I’m not getting why you have a problem with new, special private revelation/encounters with the Holy Spirit. How do you see that as “extra-biblical”?


            • Ed, you need to continue on your own on this one if you can’t understand the term ‘extra-biblical’. You might also want to (probably not) read Hebrews 1 concerning how God has spoken to us.


              • Dan, come on, dude. I understand the term extra-biblical. I understand Hebrews 1. But I also showed you thee, count them, three, that the Holy Spirit (thru his son, as Hebrews 1 states), has spoken to people. It’s not uncommon. But it’s hard for Calvinists to believe it, when they preach “bible is sufficient” stuff. You pray, I presume, right? Is that just a one-way conversation? What does God say to you, without you quoting scripture? I’ll bet you can’t do it, can you?


              • I don’t think you get it, Ed. You’re too caught up in your anti-Calvinism. Calvin has nothing to do with this. He didn’t invent Sola Scriptura.


  5. Why is this about sola scriptora (Latin for Scripture Alone)? This isn’t about Catholicism, the Pope being the vicar of Christ, speaking FOR God. This is about what God is speaking to you, in your personal relationship with God. Prayer is not a one way conversation. Are you able to hear God, outside of sola scriptora, or aren’t you? As I have said three times, there are three examples of the Holy Spirit speaking to people, things that have nothing to do with the Hebrew scriptures (as they didn’t have the New Test writings yet, and Luke, writing Acts, was after the fact).
    1. Holy Spirit revealed who was keeping money back
    2. Holy Spirit told Paul to separate himself from Barnabus
    3. Holy Spirit told Philip to go to a chariot.
    4. Holy Spirit told someone to tell Paul not to go to Jerusalem, or he’d be arrested.

    So, what does God say to you, outside of sola scriptora? Your refusal to answer that question, or, to answer it in the “bible is sufficient” kinda way, is what I don’t get.

    What sola scriptora did they have with the 4 examples? Oh, it was just for the first century followers only? Really?

    OK, 4 examples.



    • Sola scripture is not just about the RC church. I’m not talking about receiving guidance from the Holy Spirit. Such guidance does come. I’m talking about Sarah Young private little conversations based on sitting in the quiet with a journal and pen, listening for the voice of God as if it’s His best and better way of communing with God. I’m talking about teaching that this kind of communicating with God is nowhere taught in Scripture and smacks more of Eastern mysticism, from whence it originated and was brought into the RC church by Thomas Merton. It is often called Spiritual Formation. Look it up and study it. I don’t think you have understood what I am talking about. There is a lot of good work that has been done already. Do a few Google searches. I’m not going to teach you all about it. If you really want to know you will do some homework. How do I know what I am talking about concerning the roots of the latest craze? I’ve been into Eastern religions at a personal level. You can take that as meaning “practitioner” It all sounded so good, with all the pantheism/panentheism. It’s all a lie and a false gospel (good news). I also know that Satan comes an angel of light. Got that from scripture. I hope that helps you understand what I am talking about. Time to do your own homework, my friend.


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