God Speaks to Me, but Not Like He Speaks to Priscilla Shirer

God speaks to me through the written Word. He speaks through the words on the pages and the illumination by the Holy Spirit of that same written word.

God speaks directly to Priscilla Shirer, with personal messages and revelations; not just via ‘someone else’s hand-me-downs’ (her words about the written word).

Apparently I’m just not tuned in to God’s ‘personal’ frequency. It’s not that God doesn’t want me to have this personal communication; I’m just not tuned in. Ms. Shirer (and others I have heard about, listened to and read) has evidently reached a higher level of spiritually than this old guy.

I have come to a decision point. I need to either take steps to reach the higher level of spirituality so I too can experience the ‘relational’ presence of God (I heard a Chaplain use that term recently), or remain at my current level of spiritual growth.

In support of pursuing a higher level of spiritually, I guess I’m fortunate. I’ve recently listened to several messages on Sunday mornings in which the speaker has taught us that if we begin each day sitting quietly with pen and journal, listening for God’s voice, we can eventually get the hang of it. At first we are to just write down what the ‘voices’ we hear say to us and eventually we will be able to isolate God’s voice and only need to write down what He says. Since our teacher used the same ‘frequency’ terminology as Ms. Shirer, it must be true! Doesn’t it say somewhere in the Bible that whenever two or more believers agree on a thing, it’s true?

On the other hand, I can maintain my current habit of beginning the day prayerfully reading God’s Word and know that I am hearing God speak to me as I read. I can also continue spending time in inductive Bible study, on merely a personal level and in preparation for Sunday School at the Chapel I attend.

But, according to Ms. Shirer (and others) I could be having an even deeper and more meaningful ‘relational’ experience with God if I can tune into God’s special frequency for ‘direct’ communication!

What to do………what to do?

12 responses to “God Speaks to Me, but Not Like He Speaks to Priscilla Shirer

  1. Well Dan, according to one guy a while back, he was so close with Jesus that He stood with him as he shaved each morning. See, you don’t even need a pen and journal if you are really, really, really spiritually mature. Just a razor.


        • I agree that we are dealing with age old Gnosticism. There probably is a control element, but I wonder if it isn’t mostly about having something more from God than what has been written. If we are told that “All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the servant of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work” (2 Tim 3:16-17), and we don’t ‘need’ extra biblical revelations, etc., WHY are so many going after them? Ms. Shirer really did compare what has been written to ‘other people’s hand-me-downs’. I listened to it. I also have to admit that I have never heard other practitioners of ‘mystical Christianity’ sink that low. Normally it all comes across as ‘scripture is good, but there is more’.

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          • Yeah that is a very shocking statement she made. And I can’t answer why a Christian would even stay in a place where such a thing was said. Me? If some preacher said such a thing I’d snatch him out of the pulpit he it happened in my own place. If it was not I’d leave for sure. Might even put some gospel tracts on cars as I left lol


  2. Turn your radio on, Man! I have enough trouble obeying the revelation I have. I don’t know the lady but I would venture to guess that she probably doesn’t care much for what the BIble says about God and his predestined plan for saving sinners.


    • I didn’t know much about her either until I checked out reviews of one of the latest movies marketed to the Christian audience. She has a lead rolw in ‘War Room’. I don’t think her theological bent surfaces in the film, but it came up in some reviews I read.


  3. Says one who knows that God exists yet continues to supress the truth. That’s got to be a ‘tough row to hoe’…..

    As you must know, James selectively moderates every one of my comments for his own benefit so you probably won’t see my reply on his blog.
    Perhaps you would feel more comfortable me answering your statement here?
    Please tell me, if you can, Dan how do you know that your god exists? And can you be specific, please?


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