Christian Military Fellowship

Christian Military Fellowship is a unique ministry IN the military rather than just TO the military. I’ve been connected to CMF for a little over 30 years. They connect military believers worldwide, have a powerful prayer network, and give away Christian growth resources, including the discipleship material that followed me wherever I went and that I now use when God provides the opportunity to help young soldiers grow in their faith. If you have ever been in the military, or know anyone currently serving, would you pass along a good link?  The most unique thing about CMF is the lack of paid field staff, like larger ministries. The field staff is made up of men and women in uniform sharing the gospel and making disciples. That’s one of the reasons I connected to CMF – to become a government paid ‘missionary’ in uniform. I would be able to take the gospel to places a Chaplain might never be able to set foot.

via Christian Military Fellowship.

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    • Thanks for the encouragement, Slim! CMF is I think unique among Military Ministries in that the focus has always been about indigenous ministry based on the Great Commission. Years ago, when I was still on active duty and yearning to grow spiritually, I was investigating discipleship material to help me in that effort. I finally settled on CMF’s discipleship material because it taught me serious inductive Bible study and didn’t have any ‘fill in the blanks’. It was just me, my Bible and a few study aids, prayer and the Holy Spirit.

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