Twenty Ways to Answer a Fool?

Twenty Ways to Answer a Fool?

The above title is borrowed from the title (minus the ’?’) of a series of posts written by Fred Butler over at the Hip & Thigh blog. They were written as a review of an online pamphlet by an atheist anarchist by the name of Chaz Bufe called Twenty Reasons to Abandon Christianity. Although it is not specifically stated in the introduction to the series of posts, the title Twenty Ways to Answer a Fool is scriptural:

The fool says in his heart, “There is no God.”

Psalm 14:1 (ESV)

The following links connect to Fred Butler’s responses to Chaz Bufe’s 20 reasons to abandon Christianity. The numbers in parentheses correspond to the 20 reasons given to abandon Christianity.

Twenty Ways to Answer a Fool, Introduction
Is Christianity Based on Fear? (1)
Does Christianity Prey on the Innocent? (2)
Is Christianity Based upon Dishonesty? (3)
Is Christianity Egocentric? (4)
Does Christianity Breed Arrogance? (5)
Does Christianity Breed Authoritarianism? (6)
Is Christianity Cruel? (7)
Is Christianity Anti-intellectual? (8)
Does Christianity Have an Unhealthy Preoccupation with Sex? (9 & 10)
Does Christianity Have a Narrow View of Morality? (11 & 12)
Does Christianity Depreciate the Natural World? (13)
Does Christianity Model an Authoritarian Organization? (14)
Does Christianity Sanction Slavery? (15)
Is Christianity Misogynistic? (16)
Is Christianity Homophobic? (17)
Is the Bible a Reliable Guide to Christ’s Teachings? (18 & 19)
Is Christianity Borrowed from Other Ancient Religions? (20)

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  1. Thanks for linking these. Just to let you know, I am in the process of redoing this series, which means I am reposting the articles fresh. That means some of the later articles you have linked here may not work once I repost them.


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