Well, I finally listened to the Theonomy Debate between Theonomist Joel McDurmon and Pastor J.D. Hall. It took a bit of time before the audio and video was available online. I downloaded the audio from the American Vision website, but it required me to be already on their mailing list, etc., and going to their store and doing the ‘shopping’ thing. It was a free download consisting of three audio files, two actual debate segments and a Q&A segment. Then I did a little Googling and found both the video and some additional links concerning theonomy that are quite helpful.

Here is a link to the Sola Sisters page. I have already added some of the articles to my theonomy library, which contains both pro and con material.

I also found another interesting Podcast to listen to called “Bible Thumping Wingnut”. The Web page is here. Episodes #t52 (here) is an interview with J.D. Hall and #53 (here) contains reflections on the debate and social media conduct.

Since you are probably wondering my concerns had to do with the connection between theonomy, Christian Reconstructionism and Dominionism.


4 responses to “THEONOMY RESOURCES

  1. I found a good critique of Rushdoony’s Institutes of Biblical Law here:

    I stumbled on it by accident searching for something else that came up in one of the interesting blog posts in which Joel McDurmond was bashing Dr. James White, something he seems really good at. The only reason I ended up in the world of theonomy had to do with it’s relationship to Christian Reconstructionism and Dominionism. My personal opinion about it all has to do with Christ having died to save his people from their sins, and that’s where my focus in evangelism needs to be. I ifnd all the hoopla interesting, but not exactly on the main burner of my stove.


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