Less about Moore: A Minimal Facts Case for Breaking Free of Beth Moore

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“I want to put a stone in his shoe.  All I want to do is give him something worth thinking about.  I want him to hobble away on a nugget of truth that annoys him in a good way, something he can’t simply ignore because it continues to poke at him.”Greg Koukl

Dr. Gary Habermas has made a career as a Christian Apologist by making what he calls a “minimal facts” case for the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Rather than bogging himself down answering arguments about where Cain got his wife or how a loving God could have flooded the whole world killing all but eight people, Habermas asks unbelievers to consider what the minimal historically agreed upon facts about Jesus’ death and burial say about the person of Jesus.  Habermas seeks to show that these facts point to a resurrected Jesus who has proven his deity.  In doing…

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6 responses to “Less about Moore: A Minimal Facts Case for Breaking Free of Beth Moore

  1. I have a different take on Beth Moore. I have watched someone close to me get deeply involved in Beth Moore Bible studies over a 10 year period. This family member has become very grounded in scripture, has a hunger and thirst for righteousness and truth that was not there before, and has a depth of knowledge of God and His Word that is un-debatable. Her life has actually been transformed and I have seen incredibly great fruit.

    Unlike the writer of the post, I think you do have to look deeper than the associations he cited. Yes, Beth Moore has some issues, but doesn’t John Piper? I an not reformed in my theological system, and I think Piper is wrong in that area. But I love John Piper and his teaching ministry has had a great impact on my life.

    I did not think it was wise for her to start teaching men as I was fully aware of the onslaught of criticism she would receive for it, and rightly so. But that is a small portion of what she does now. Donating money to Joel Osteen’s church is questionable, but if it was to help the poor or something like that, I think that is different. Endorsing Joyce Meyers, that came as a surprise for me.


    • I agree with a lot of what you say, but I think differing views of soteriology is not the same type of possible error than a once really solid and capable teacher for women consorting with WoF teachers/preachers, Beth Moore being sold out to it on a Kenneth Copeland scale, and Joel I think the ‘lite’ version. Just my opinion. I wouldn’t send Joel Osteen a bent penny. I think he’s Tony Robbins in a ‘Christian’ suit. He admittedly (to Larry King) does not approach the issue of sin, which is THE issue that the message of the gospel addresses. Sadly, he is not the only one out there who never preaches the true gospel. Again, my opinion, my friend!


        • I don’t know how ‘great’ a teacher she was, but I do know that she did have at one time a reputation of being a good teacher and was really popular. There are those who will defend her to the death. I have heard her with Joyce Meyer (WoF) and have listened to some of her recent questionable teachings. I also know discerning women in ministry that do not think well of her. Anyone who wants to know the truth about Beth Moore and character of her ministry can easily find good sources of information.


          • Thanks for that clarification. I talked to my friend about this very thing today, as a result of your comment. She loathes the Word of Faith movement herself and was surprised that people think B. M . is a part of it. She listens to her every single day, so she would have heard something if it was there.

            However, she did admit that sometimes B.M. says things that make her say “Where does it say that?” and that her teaching has declined a bit.


            • Your friend is asking the right question. Much of what Beth Moore is teaching these days cannot be found in scripture. One might also ask if it’s appropriate why a doctrinally sound believer would seek unity with the likes of Beth Moore. She is not the only evangelical pursuing unity with heresy. This is not just a Baptist/Charismatic thing, but orthodoxy and heresy. I’ll bring up the questions just so seriously discerning believers will think.

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