If I hadn’t been banned from commenting. . . .

Over at Patheos.com, in an article aout gay marriage being harmful, and after a response indicated that God had created two complimentary sexes, I received the following comment, among others, not quite as fuzzy in the logic department:


" like God having created Adam and Eve,"

Ah yeah, the heterosexual couple who introduced sin into the world. The couple who raised the world’s first murderer, if Genesis is taken literally. The couple who brought down on humanity God’s first curse, which just happens to target the fruit of heterosexual intercourse.

Good example there. Not to mention the way Adam tries to blame it all on Eve, instead of standing up for her like a real man. And then he blames God.

"Jesus teaching on marriage?"

Like when He said that remarriage after a divorce for any reason other than adultery is adultery?

You think because you and your peers murder and rape and brutalize GLBTQ people, and then blame the Bible, it makes your sin any less evil?


I wanted to suggest that if God had created Adam and Steve, there would b e no WilmRoget. He has obviously read some Bible, for which I commend him. That his heart is hardened against God is deeply sad.

 His final sentence is perhaps the most problematic. To that I wanted to say that both MY sin and HIS sin are equally deplorable in the sight of God and that we ALL have sinned and fallen short, but that there is redemption in Christ. But alas, I have been banned from commenting, which just might mean that something I said struck home and that the anger that banned me was provoked a small amount of Holy Spirit conviction.

Please join me in praying for WilmRoget, as well as all those trapped in their bondage to sin, as we all once were.

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