Heaven is For Real: Is Discernment Dead?

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We have good reason to believe that discernment is floating dead atop the surface of the wide stream of American evangelicalism like a bloated corpse drifting with the current. As far as that goes, discernment may not be dead in America’s largest denomination, but it is certainly dying. An example for your consideration…

Dr. Steve Lemke, who can be seen here arguing the not-so-Traditionalist position in this PBS segment on Calvinism, is professor of religion and philosophy and serves as provost at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary (SBC). According to the NOBTS website, Lemke’s teaching specialties include world religions, historical theology, soteriology and eschatology. In other words, Dr. Lemke is a learned man. And certainly, studying and teaching in the fields of theology, soteriology, and eschatology would make one well enough aware of the monumental Biblical challenges to the basic precept of Heaven is For Real and its subsequent assertions…

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4 responses to “Heaven is For Real: Is Discernment Dead?

  1. It seems that the only dead discernment is the author of the article. Just because the Apostle Paul did not write the Corinthians the internal design of Heaven, doesn’t mean that he didn’t speak to others about it. In addition, Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead, and we don’t see a description there either. Come to think of it, I don’t think we know anything of any conversation that this Lazarus had with anyone, whether it be before he died, or after he came back to life. No words of Lazarus are recorded. But I am quite certain that he did tell people of the internal design of heaven. The person that wrote this article is a loser. Child-like faith is what is missing. This 3 year old is a child, and this grown man who wrote this article needs to think like this child and stop being an adult. He needs to humble himself and listen. Yes, even to listen to a child.


      • Let me break it down for you:

        Heaven is for real, and what the child said is true. To be telling people that this is “theologically problematic” shows the “spiritual” immaturity of J. D. Hall. He is basically calling the child a liar. This child and his parents were on “Fox and Friends” yesterday morning. The child was frustrated that no one believed him. He isn’t describing a fantasy. He is describing what he saw. And J. D. Hall thinks that the child is a liar with an imagination. He is judging a child, condemning him (his story) as “dangerous”. J. D. Hall said: “that book, and indeed the very concept, is dangerous.” Dangerous? Really? How so?


        • I don’t need a small child to confirm for me that heaven is real, with descriptions ;of what he thinks he saw, especially if some of it is contrary to the text of scripture. If I told you that I had a dream that Ezekiel’s wheel is the Starship Enterprise, and others jump on the bandwagon, does that make it real?


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