I Don’t Want To Have An Impossible Dream Or Birth A Vision For My Life

Polemics Report

There is something out there that is terrifying. It is the scourge of your soul, and is what keeps you up at night. It leaves you continually unfulfilled and restless. It leaves you disappointed and damaged. It slowly eats away at you, as the years of discouragement embitter you until you become a shell of who God made you to be. It is the Goliath to your David It is the biggest obstacle you’ll ever face, and is the one thing that will make or break the joy you may or may not ever experience. It will leave you hollow, empty and dissatisfied. It is a terrible affliction that can and will ruin your life if you let it. What is it?

Its not achieving your impossible dream.

You’d think it was en epidemic in the Christian world, simply by the number of blogs, sermons, conferences, and messages given about this…

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