“Walk Like an Egyptian”?

A recent morning’s OT reading for me was Exodus 9 & 10, which contains some of the plagues God brought upon the Egyptians, and how Pharaoh (The Egyptian in mind) told Moses he would let the people go when one of the plagues stopped but harden it again as soon as things were back to normal

The song title “Walk Like an Egyptian” (an 80’s #1 hit), mark pinged in my brain. I was reminded of times that I have “walked like an Egyptian” (Pharoah, not the song). Maybe my case is a long way from the Pharaoh’s, but the principle is the same. Get in a tough spot and call out to God, read the Bible more, go to church/Bible study more, whatever. Get relief and slack off on the spiritual stuff.

Not exactly what the song was about, but it fits. There’s also a huge God lesson here. When plague of hail rained down on all of Egypt except where the Israelites lived, and Pharaoh asked Moses for relief (promising to let the people go…again), Moses said he would stop the hail and Pharaoh would know whose God was REALLY in charge!

Now I have another one of those profitable questions I should ask ‘the man in the mirror’ on occasion;

“Dude, have you been ‘walking like an Egyptian’ again? I might not phrase it quite like that, being 64 and all (Beatles anyone?) but it would do me well to just ask it.

BTW, you can find the song on YouTube. I checked. I didn’t even remember the lyrics when I was engaged in my morning reading.   The story of Moses, the plagues, and the deliverance of the Hebrews from slavery in Egypt can be found in the book of Exodus.  The first twelve chapters will take you to the point where Pharaoh finally ‘let the people go’

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