Could Calvin Be A Pastor Today?

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Could John Calvin, the (in)famous Genevan Reformer, Biblical scholar and theological powerhouse actually get a job (for lack of a better expression) in the pastorate today, Or would this Bible expositor and eminent scholar be generally unemployable in 2014?

Before you answer, we’re talking about a man who preached pretty much every day across Geneva and was so dedicated to the ministry of the Word that when he made his return to Geneva following his forced exile, he picked up his preaching ministry in EXACTLY the following verse where he had left off years before. Could a man that radically devoted to the truth of Scripture and its proclamation receive the call to pastor a church today? In the majority of popular church circles, probably not. At least, that’s the picture I get from the attitude of Christians to the Word in general.

It’s been three and a half years…

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