You might be Biblically illiterate . . .

. . .if you think your 18 year old Christian daughter doesn’t dishonor God when she wears less on a public beach than she normally wears as underwear.

. . .if you think the picture of Biblical submission in Ephesians 5:22-33 doesn’t mean a Christian husband has no authority over his Christian wife.

. . .if you think that the statement “the gospel is offensive to the unbeliever” is problematic

. . .if you think Jesus never warned sinners about the perils of an eternity in Hell

. . .if you think the Apostle Paul taught that wives should be treated like slaves

. . .if you think the Old Testament has nothing to do with New Testament believers.

. . .if you think God will tell you something ‘personally’ that contradicted ‘what was written’.

. . .if you think Matthew 7:1-5 permits you to judge others’ motives and not just their ‘fruit’

I would provide more than sufficient scripture to refute those ill informed thoughts, but I already did where they were uttered by( professing Christians) and it didn’t work. They all come from the same place.

6 responses to “You might be Biblically illiterate . . .

  1. Amen and amen.

    I am a bit unclear on your meaning on #2 though. Are you saying he does or does not have authority over his Christian wife? Certainly this passage has been abused, and in both ways.


    • As Christ has authority over the Church, a husband has authority over his wife. I think the comparison is clear. And yes, it is abused – both ways. But I don’t think that it’s a passage meant to specifically ‘teach’ an authority structure, but rather to teach ‘fruits’ of being filled with the Spirit. When we are filled with the Holy Spirit, there will be a picture of those passages in a Godly home. I posted a reply earlier, but it seems to have not made it. Anyhow, those are my thoughts. Based on the text, you cannot say that it doesn’t present any authority of a husband over his wife, as some do.


    • I posted that general comment at a blog in which a Christian Mom said that her 18 year old daughter, with her bikini and cute belly button ring was one of the most God-honoring people she had ever known. It was a blog post in which ‘Christians’ were airing their frustrations about too much ‘modesty talk’, especially where there are hypocrites posing as Christians (pervs). That such people are in Church is a grievous thing, but God’s teaching that clothes are for covering (men and women) stands. Our mission, as I see it, is to point people to the Cross, not ourselves.


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