It’s Not About John Calvin!


The sport of ‘Calvin bashing’  seems to be a favorite sport of more than a few professing Christians. More seem to be adept at blaming John Calvin for doctrines he didn’t invent.

I ought to know, because I used to be one. But that was years ago now. I decided to actually study the man, his doctrine, as well as the despised T.U.L.I.P. I figured I owed it to the man. What I knew about him was mostly what others told me about him, and it wasn’t good. So I did my homework, which included analyzing nearly all of the objections to Calvinism. What I learned was for me an eye opener and an occasion for genuine repentance for just having listened and trusted what other ‘older’ Christians had been telling me.

Is it really John Calvin that the Calvin ‘bashers’ hate, or the notion that the human will of fallen men isn’t as ‘free’ as they think it is? 


Food for thought and discussion on a Wednesday morning.

6 responses to “It’s Not About John Calvin!

  1. If Calvinism were what its opponents claim it to be, no one in his right mind with the most limited knowledge of Scripture would believe it. It is easier by far to continue to stuffing straw men than to study the issue as you have done. A careful study of of the Scriptures will lead one to C.H. Spurgeon’s conclusion–“this is the religion of God’s own Church.”


    • I agree with you and Mr Spurgeon! I was over in another ‘fray’ this week full of Calvin bashers. I hope a couple of them show up here to discuss it. they know where I live. 🙂


  2. There are many 9th Commandment violations that are committed against Mr. Calvin. Not exercising due diligence in discovering another’s position before making assumptions and speaking on those assumptions definitely falls under this transgression.

    In almost every case, I have found that his louder critics have not even attempted to read his Institutes.


  3. I am of Paul. I am of Apollos. I am of Calvin. I am of Luther. I am of Peter.

    Did any of those die for you?

    What ever happened to I am of Christ? If it isn’t about Calvin, DITCH THE NAME.

    Otherwise, be subject to ridicule.



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