Are we part of the problem?

I was recently pointed to an article at one of those sites that seems to be dedicated to exposing everything that is wrong with our government (both sides), and the vast global conspiracy that threatens all of our freedoms. The article I was pointed to had to do with the destruction of water restraining dams across the country. It was a bit of a rant (the language and tone gave it away), but it had some merit. I did a little digging and found out more about dam destruction than I ever wanted to know. What I found out is that there are good reasons, not so good reasons, and bad reasons for their destruction. I even found a site that detailed all of the factors that go into making a decision to destroy an existing dam. So I guess you could say that the ‘ranting’ served a good purpose; my researching a bit to get the bigger picture of the issue(s).

To make a long story short, I offered in a comment the sources I found, as ‘homework’ that might be profitable, except for conspiracy theorists. After being chastised for accusing the author of the original article of being a conspiracy theorist, I explained that ‘global conspiracy’ was in the title, and my personal experience is that most conspiracy theorists aren’t really interested in all of the facts. I further commented that I agree with much that was stated about our current administration and the federal government, will be at the polls, and viewed the whole global conspiracy theme from Biblical worldview. We’ll see what comes my way next.

Having said all that, I’m reminded of something I was taught a long time ago. We can be part of the problem (any problem), or we can be part of the solution. I doubt that there are a lot of folks who don’t know that axiom. I submit to you that it applies to things temporal as well as things spiritual.

The specific spiritual connection I am making concerns some in the ‘discernment’ community who have decided that certain leaders in the contemporary church are a bunch of antinomian (against the Law) heretics who talk about grace too much and who can’t tell the difference between justification and sanctification. Like the global conspiracy theorists who seem to enter any dialogue/discussion presupposing a global plot behind every action of the federal government (and rant accordingly), these discernment ‘gurus’ have already passed judgment upon men who are communicating the church’s need to rediscover the awesome power of grace in our lives, while digging up everything (out of context) that they can to try and prove their non-existent point.

And like many conspiracy theorists, they are relentless in their attacks, and offer no solutions. They just rant, gain a few followers, and refuse to listen to anyone who offers anything that might challenge their judgmental findings. Not only that, they refuse to listen to the teachings of the accused and already condemned brethren on their ‘hit list’ that soundly refute their rants! In other words, they refuse to do some honest homework to 1) find out if there is a real problem and 2) recommend a solution to any real problems that surface. Rather than go after blatantly unbiblical teachings and the wolves in sheep suits who fleece the flock on a regular basis, they would rather sit smugly in their certain conviction that there are antinomian heretics in our midst and we MUST expose them.

I find all of this tremendously sad, for what it communicates about the Bride of Christ to the lost souls all around us who love to latch onto anything to justify their running from God and rushing headlong into Hell, and because it takes us away from our sacred mission and privilege – to preach Christ, and Him crucified.

Well, is all of the above just another one of the personal ‘opinions’ floating around the blogosphere, or is there in it something of note to take away and act upon? I’ll take it as encouragement to be part of solutions, not a contributor to problems.

How about you?

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