"One Size Fits All” Evangelism

At the recent Shepherd’s Conference, one of the presentations was called “The Way(s) Of the Master”, by Pastor Jesse Johnson. The audio is available here  should you want to listen to it. A written critique of the Way of the Master Law based evangelism model, also by by Pastor Johnson, is available here. Ray Comfort’s response to Pastor Johnson’s critique is available here.

With all that out of the way (pointers to articles for the incurably curious), let’s get back to the subject of ‘one size fits all’ evangelism. First of all, what do we mean by ‘one size fits all’ evangelism? Simply put, we mean a single method of evangelizing/sharing the message of the gospel that fits every possible evangelistic encounter/divine appointment.

The Way of the Master (WOTM) method is presented here as an example, and it has been presented as a the method used for all audiences by it’s founder. He (Ray Comfort) has gone on record as saying that he would use the exact same method witnessing to anyone and everyone. There are other methods that are sometimes touted as the way, the best way, or simply a method that works. I don’t think I need to name them. The fact that any one of them is claimed to be the way , the best way, or even a way that works is what might be problematic.

I find no specific method of evangelism that is described as fitting any of those categories. If you find one, please let me know. The way, the best way, a way that works are man invented categories. We believe that the content of the message should b e our primary concern:

Does the message we share focus on the problem of sin?

When we address the issue of sin, do we also discuss the need for true repentance?

Does our message include ‘counting the cost’ of becoming a Christian?

Is our message man-centered or God centered?

I really don’t know if Way of the Master Ministries considers using the Decalogue as the way of Biblical evangelism. When one one observes the ministry however, one can come to that assumption. I would like to see WOTM ministries make a clear statement that they are not advocating using the Decalogue as the way of evangelism.

Perhaps Pastor Johnson could have placed more emphasis on the ‘one size fits all’ theme rather than single out WOTM . If he had, Perhaps Ray COmfort would not have felt the need to come across as defensively as he did.

In the end however, what I would have likde to see is not very relevant. That we remain true to the message of the Gospel is.

Food for thought. Be blessed!


5 responses to “"One Size Fits All” Evangelism

  1. In addition and in full agreement with what you said, I think it’s also important for people to realize that the Law does not equal only the 10 commandments, and that the Law include more than the 10 given in Exodus 20.


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